Feedly Now Manages Newsletter Subscriptions, and More Productivity and Technology News This Week

Feedly Now Manages Newsletters, and More Productivity and Technology News This Week

Feedly Now Manages Newsletter Subscriptions, and More Productivity and Technology News This Week – October 19, 2020

Each week, Ray Sidney-Smith and Augusto Pinaud invite two personal productivity / organization experts to review the past week’s news in the world of personal productivity and technology. This week, our featured story is one of Ray’s favorite online reading management tools, Feedly now manages newsletter subscription management, and we discuss all the rest of the news this week.

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In this Cast | Feedly Now Manages Newsletters

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Art Gelwicks

Art Gelwicks, a productivity and collaboration consultant, blogger at The Idea Pump, and host of the Being Productive podcast as well as ProductivityCast podcast.

Matt Plummer, CEO of Zarvana

Matt Plummer is a former operations manager and strategy & management consultant who got tired of sacrificing his personal life to work long hours without moving up in his career as quickly as he wanted. So he began a journey to greater productivity and ended up cutting his hours by over 30% and managing 3-4 projects in the time others managed two. This experience led him to start Zarvana, where he helps other ambitious professionals achieve the same results with workshops, coaching, and an online learning platform.

Headlines & Show Notes | Feedly Now Manages Newsletters

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

This Week’s Theme… Cybersecurity Awareness (in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month)

Ray’s Top Three Tips to be cyber-secure…
– Use a password manager
– Update your software (OS, browser and apps)
– Think before you click on a link
– BONUS: Make backups!

Some additional resources around remote work, cybersecurity and data privacy:

Stories of the Week

New Tools of the Week

Firefox Monitor




Featured Story of the Week

Get newsletters in Feedly


Todoist Office Hours with Mike Vardy (October 21, 2020)

Raw Text Transcript | Feedly Now Manages Newsletters

Raw, unedited and machine-produced text transcript so there may be substantial errors, but you can search for specific points in the episode to jump to, or to reference back to at a later date and time, by keywords or key phrases. The time coding is mm:ss (e.g., 0:04 starts at 4 seconds into the cast’s audio).

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