Anything But Idle has a dedicated channel within the digital community for personal productivity enthusiasts, Personal Productivity Club.

In order to join Personal Productivity Club and access the Anything But Idle conversations, simply click the link to join ➡ Personal Productivity Club. (It’s free, but requires you to create a profile to keep out the spammers and Internet trolls.) You’ll complete the information and immediately be taken into the Anything But Idle channel.

You will also receive a series of three emails from our community mascot, 🐕 Eisenhower the Corgi, to get acquainted with some productive tasks to get started in the community (i.e., setting up your notifications, checking out our tutorials, and more).

Once you’ve joined, you can visit “Activity Feed” or “Discovery” in the left-hand navigation of the Anything But Idle channel. There you’ll find us posting and discussing the latest productivity news, as well as join us for our weekly livestreams when we record the shows!

We look forward to having you join the conversation!