Who We Are

Anything But Idle, the Productivity News Podcast, originates from the fact that personal productivity is a wide-ranging industry and the productivity community of experts, content creators, software and hardware makers, and more are always making new products, services, and resources, and Anything But Idle aims to highlight the most important ones each week. Ray and Augusto scour the Web, Social Media, podcasts, videos, books, magazines, and international media to find the latest productivity news that we think is important to the productivity community.


Ray Sidney-SmithRay Sidney-Smith is a Productivity-Technology-Management Expert, Training Consultant, and Presenter focusing on Small Business, an Evernote Certified Consultant, the Google Small Business Advisor, Productivity, and the host of ProductivityCastProdPod, Productivity Book Group#ProdChat, among other personal productivity activities and tutorials. Ray tweets via @rsidneysmith.

Augusto Pinaud is a Bilingual Coach. He helps with people to find their VOICE and teach them to create real IMPACT in their lives by helping them Connecting Invisible Dots. He is the co-host of ProductivityCast, and the host of Connecting Invisible Dots, the Podcast, Coaching Questions! and Productividad Organizacional, among other personal productivity and organizational productivity activities. You can find more on ProductivityVoice. Augusto tweets via @apinaud.