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Apple Special Event, Hi, Speed, Commentary With Michael Sliwinski, Nozbe

Apple live-broadcasted one of their notorious Apple Special Events on October 13, 2020, Hi, Speed! Listen to the Anything But Idle panel to learn what happened and what was announced at the Apple Hi, Speed! Special Event and how it will affect your personal productivity!

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Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Michael Sliwinksi, Nozbe

Michael Sliwinski is a productivity guy – he’s the founder and CEO of Nozbe, where they have two productivity apps, Nozbe Teams – an uber-functional to-do app for small and medium teams and Nozbe – a project management and collaboration tool for busy professionals. Both Nozbe Teams and Nozbe are web-based tools with apps for all the major platforms. Michael is also a speaker, author of a few best-selling books, a podcaster and a blogger. He is happily married to his wife Ewelina and they have three daughters.

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Apple’s October 13, 2020 Keynote: By the Numbers

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Raymond Sidney-Smith 0:00
Hello personal productivity enthusiasts and community Welcome to anything but idle the productivity and technology news and commentary show. Today’s show is brought to you by WCC web services. And with that, I am Raisa D. Smith. And we’re your hosts for anything but idle, today’s show we are actually going to be covering. So this is Episode 24. And we’re going to and this is being recorded October 14 2020. So welcome to everybody who is watching the live show each week, we cover and discuss the personal productivity news headlines of the week. But sometimes the tech giants, the powers that be have these special events that require us to come and come to you kind of in between our normal shows to discuss what happened. And that’s what we’re doing today. Today we’re going to be covering the special event Apple hosted yesterday, October 13. It was called high speed that they broadcasted live. And in order to do that, we’re bringing a special guest panelist today. Today we are bringing to you, Michael solinsky. He is the CEO of nos B and he’s the CIO. nosb is a company that has two productivity apps, nos B teams and Uber functional to do app for small and medium teams, and nos be a project management and collaboration tool for busy professionals. So both nosb teams and nosb professional, are web based tools, with apps for all the major platforms. Michael is also a speaker. He’s an author of few best selling books, a podcaster, and a blogger. And he’s also happily married to his wife of Alina and their three daughters. And so welcome to the show, Michael. Hi. Thanks for having me. Wonderful. So I apologize, I’m playing broadcaster here. And so it’s I’m playing with all the different pieces, bringing people up and down on the screen. And switching screens was a little bit of a challenge for me here. But here we are talking about high speed. And so the show was kind of broken up into four to five different parts. And gousto. Tell us a little bit about the show. And then we can get into what we’re going to talk about what Apple announced. And then we’ll get into our initial opinions on the show and what they announced and the products that Apple announced. So I guess Do you want talk to us a little bit about what Apple did.

Augusto Pinaud 2:15
Of course, today we are going to be starting talking with that humper meanie, then we are going to go to 5g and what they discuss about hijiki a little bit about it. And then after that we’re trying to follow the way they release. So we’re going about I iPhone 12, then max a brand. And then we’re going to go to the iPhone 12 Mini the probe the pro Max and finally developments on it. So let’s start with the home pod. Mini home pod has been a product that I believe a powerful high end speaker that connects theory on everything else. And they finally released the smaller version, it’s $100 9999. And they try to really make it keep that high end feeling that high end sound quality by the reviews and what they were sharing yesterday and really make it small, more affordable. $99. So and they I’m not sure if they add all these capabilities of integration of artificial intelligence to the meanie before they added to at the same time now I’m going to guess as the regular hump out or is something that they use the meanie as an excuse to bring all these capabilities. But what do you guys think about this pumper,

Unknown Speaker 3:35
right, you want to start sure

Augusto Pinaud 3:36
somebody needs

Raymond Sidney-Smith 3:39
I wanted to talk a little bit about the show as a as a totality first, and then we can get into the home pod Mini. The show was really well produced. And the thing that I noticed watching it in the early stages were that comparative to the prior event. I really felt like Apple felt upstaged to some extent by Samsung and and gousto. And I were actually talking about that pre show. And the reality is they really leveled up their production value. I mean, they built that whole staged house to be able to do this. And they put it in what looked like a, you know, airplane hangar, I’m guessing it was inside of a studio, you know, space, but they really did a great production value job comparative to the prior events. It seemed a little bit like the prior events were a little bit rushed. I don’t know. But this event, I really felt like they placed the home pod minis throughout that household. And they did a fantastic job of showing off what is to me a fairly benign product. It doesn’t didn’t kind of jazz me up, but but I definitely felt like they did a great job of showing it in use throughout the house, Michael?

Michael Sliwinski 4:50
Yeah, totally. Of course. The first thing when they start is they cannot get enough of showing off how beautiful they had their offices, although it’s empty. Probably Now, but but it’s gorgeous. Like the spaceship yes mothership. Okay, I get it. So and then then of course, the rainbow like, like, they can’t get enough of this. So that’s for sure. But you’re right. Like, I think, I think all these companies right now as we move to more of this remote, you know, behavior when when keynotes and conferences go remote, and they feel like they have to up their game, they have to just, you know, they start slowly, but with every production, we see that they’re just learning from, from each of them. So, totally, I agree with you, right, that it was much better. And what I also like is that, you know, when we had the traditional events with press, and the stage, it was usually like, like, two hours. And, you know, and with lots of killingsworth, the, it, you know, demos of some developers, you know, on stage, which were just like, you know, and today, it was just sick. You know, the last event was one hour and two minutes, this one was one hour in six or seven minutes. So it was really like, you know, packed, concise, and to the point, and apart from the Verizon moment, but apart from that, it was really good.

Augusto Pinaud 6:05
You know, it was interesting, because my first impression when in minutes, 567 in the first 10 minutes, they throw the iPad Mini they’re sorry, they I hope but meanie. It was like, wow, we’re you know, it feels like we’re trying to get rid of the visitors. Oh, we get rid of you. But as the show continue progressing. I was boring to the show and angry It was really to the point. And I say we were discussing, I was impressed when the the first take was house behind. I was like, are we using you know, a screen behind? What is this? And then suddenly, I saw it on one of the tapes later on. When you see the whole thing, take it out? And I say oh, no, no, this was not an image, this was a monster thing. So they did really well on that I need to Yeah,

Raymond Sidney-Smith 6:52
and it was it was really quite a production because you had people who were having to walk with the camera. You know, those are those are cameras on dollies moving across screen, and moving across the stage, you know, this whole production, and they’re having to kind of cue themselves to walk up and talk and it was I gave I give them a lot of credit for that. I mean, you know, they did a really great job of of doing all the stage production to make sure that these people who are not necessarily performers, were able to actually pull off this stunt, so to speak, to be able to talk to the audience about these products. And they did a great job I have to admit.

Michael Sliwinski 7:27
Yeah, and what they do now it’s very good that they speakers, they choose people who actually work on these devices. So they don’t put put a random person who’s like you don’t fit the profile, you know, are you you know, are you like this kind of this height? Or are you this gender? Or are you like this color skin? No, it is they just choose people who work on these devices, and to talk about these devices that they worked on, which which just adds additional, you know, heart or passion I would say, and with with this stage for the homepod as you said it was a small product, but that what they did was that with this with this home pod, they they created like this ambience so we can feel like how it is to have in home a home pod in your home. Because many people even though like I understand that in the US, many people do have Alexa speakers or you know, Google, you know, speakers and men some have homeports because they’re they’re just much more expensive. But I think there’s still like a lot lots of people who just don’t have any speaker at all like this. So so for them to feel how it is to have a speaker at home, they have to show it

Raymond Sidney-Smith 8:31
and so they’re bringing the home pod minis to the market at $99. And what did you think about the pricing? You know, so we have a mess mesh fabric, this kind of globular, globular, you know, device, it has Siri caked into it. And these things can be done using multiple devices. It sounds like you can pair two devices to have stereo sound. I didn’t know whether they could pair more than two devices, but it seemed to choose the limit. And they’re using s5 chips there they’re calling this computational audio is how they were managing the audio to give you this greater base richer sound without as much distortion. You have a volume play and pause button on the top and so that you can go ahead and manage those pieces. And it seems like you know probably, I don’t know 10 to $15 a production cost to get that thing made in overseas and shipped to the United States. I’m not sure I mean what how much do you think it cost to produce that it’s it’s Apple, they would never sell you a $49 speaker like that like they will not compete with with it with a very small one. They like i thought you know hundred dollars would be the price and they actually delivered because I have at home I have two home pots. I have a black one and a white one. And I have one in the kitchen and one in the living room. And my first home pot was white in the kitchen only This, this, this actually probably created the whole thing that we started subscribing to Apple Music because we like to have the music and just, you know, talk to doctors, you know our assistant and asked her for some music. And now we have one in the living room to be able to put the same music in both places. And

Michael Sliwinski 10:19
I appreciate the home bots, but they’re really expensive. So for us, it was like a decision really to buy them. But I think at hundred dollars, it stops being a decision, it starts being like a family gift, you know, for Christmas, or for something like it’s something that, you know, any, like normal family can can think of and I think once they start and they realize how how well it’s integrated with with Apple stuff. It’s it’s really it’s really useful. And there was an internal poll on our Slack channel in my on my team, asking, you know, how many home pod minis are is Michael going to buy after this event. And I’m still on the verge between zero and two. And because because as I said, I have two home pods in on my ground floor. But I was thinking of getting a home pod mini for my bedroom. And then having a home for me for my home office. This way, I always have like home pod home pots, you know, all around the house. And before that I wouldn’t, you know, buy for big home pots. I don’t need that. But the home pod mini you know, like having this kind of speaker it becomes accessible and becomes reasonable. Yeah. Good feature. It was really cool.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 11:32
Yeah, so I sort of funny because, you know, from my perspective, I’ve had all of the features for the most part that Apple’s talking about here with the Google ecosystem. Yes, I’m steeped in the Google ecosystem. We have Google homes, home minis, we have nest home hubs, we have all of those in the house, probably seven or eight of them throughout the house. And so at any given time, I can ask, you know, hagey, to broadcast a message I can call family and friends, you know, now I can I can actually use the nest home hub Max, right? Is that right? And go ahead and say, you know, to call my mom and you know, dials right up on her phone, we’ve got video, and I can now you know, it’s like the Jetsons, I’m able to cool this face to face communication with my mother and, and it’s not awkward for her because she could just have just set the press the button. And if she’s in the store, or she’s out of the house, she could just press the audio function, and she has an audio conversation with me, and so on and so forth. So it’s very, very seamless. And I hope that Apple gets there, I hope that they they bring that level of sophistication to both the iPad iPhone, and these these home pod market pieces so that you are able to more seamlessly integrate and speak to family members across the

Augusto Pinaud 12:46
sea in my household is exactly the opposite. I finally after I’m not going to admit how many years I was able to train my in laws and my parents to do FaceTime call, there is no other attempt to again, any other platform. If Apple says We’re shutting down FaceTime and there is no face to face communication, we will not talk to the parents or grandparents again, because I again trying to retrain It was painful to train them but but you made a really good point on the on the cost of the hundred dollar, the hundred dollar price point probably will compete well with the echosounder I mean, having a better quality sound that Eric what what do you think it is to Decker cost. And it will bring a reason to justify maybe not to get four or five, instead of a big budget to say, Okay, let’s bring one pump pot to these main area, our living room or kitchen or whatever we do most of the living. And then we’ll do the little ones on on the other rooms. That that will be interesting, especially for the people who who have the music on the background who liked the music in the background and all that you know, we have failed miserably of that. I discovered that the best speakers I have are this one is what is on my ears all the time when I play music,

Raymond Sidney-Smith 14:09
this is what I do. And the kids has some help train or be trained to do the same. So even we have the speakers. It is interesting most of the times they don’t use the speakers in our household for some reason captain and I we have to Google homes on the roof. And they’re paired to do stereo audio and and it ends up being a really nice sound to have on the roof deck. And so I’m hoping that again, like I said, I hope that the home pods and the home pod minis can start to build out this ecosystem to give the same parity to Apple fans out there. So

Michael Sliwinski 14:45
yeah, but just there’s one problem though. Siri must be smarter. She’s still not smart enough like Google and Alexa are so way way better. So yeah, it Yeah, it was like it was a bit creepy. worth reading just to see that they are saying that this is the, the intelligent cyst assistant and she’s not she she, or it is not like it has to get better. So I know that they’re, you know, putting lots of engineering force to it and they must because like my kids are like their English is perfect and and you know there is so there’s even no Polish version of you know of Siri if we even tried so that that’s that’s a problem. But of course, in my household everybody speaks English, and their English is much better than mine. And still Siri very often just doesn’t understand them. And it’s like, you know, come on. I mean, they have a perfect British accent like come on, like you should get this. So it’s when

Augusto Pinaud 15:40
you see it’s interesting. It is interesting because I agree with you on again, I have to watch. And I have a better result with Alexa. Not only that, given our second language, the Spanish easier to understand and the Polish In my opinion, but at least I learned Polish but you can program are things to understand either way. So the kids can come and talk to the device in English or Spanish under device will understand it no problem that it makes it incredible. mean that you know during the day, we tried to make the kids speaking

Michael Sliwinski 16:16
Spanish, okay, I’ll try to speak to Steve in Spanish, I’ll see maybe I get better results then. So couple

Raymond Sidney-Smith 16:22
a couple other things I wanted to mention. So the home pod Mini is coming with iPhone proximity awareness. And I thought this was really interesting, because so to cook, actually, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple came out and he said, you know, we have this design philosophy, you know, we have to basically have every product that we develop, have ease of setup, ease of use some kind of intuitive, you know, use perspective, and that they integrate with other devices really well. And then of course, with security and privacy in mind, because they found that talking about privacy and security is good for marketing for them. And so I don’t I don’t trust apple in their statements about security and privacy. But that being the case. So they talk about this, and then they say that the iPhone is how it pairs to the homepod minis for them to know personal results and to be able to give personal results. And I thought it was a little bit of a trip up for me. And I’m curious to see how this works in, in kind of real world experiences in the sense that say that I leave my phone in the car, and I walk into the house and I’m trying to find the phone, or you know, I’ve left it somewhere in the backyard. And now I say oh, you know, hey s, you know, find my phone, it’s not going to be able to do so because it doesn’t have the phone in proximity to it. So there’s going to be some limitation there. And I wonder how many people are going to come into that problem of not having the phone in proximity. So therefore, personal requests made of the home pod Mini is going to basically say, Sorry, you’re not, I don’t recognize you because your phone’s not in close enough to it. I’m curious how that’ll work.

Michael Sliwinski 17:56
Let’s see. But the good thing is that so they’re pulling information from the device. I mean, that’s what that’s their spiel, so that they don’t like they’re not, you know, crunching it on in the cloud, but they’re pulling it from the device. So I think that’s the whole thing about proximity sensors and better Bluetooth and better range of Bluetooth, this way they can actually, you know, get to your garage, even if you think you don’t have enough range there, but they have enough to you know, to find it. So I think that’s that’s kind of the idea. And and, you know, for me, actually, I leave Apple more than than then Google in this sense. So I’m on the other side. Good, good. Because Because I believe that Google is like more of a glorified you know, ad agency then actually computers, devices

Raymond Sidney-Smith 18:40
company Not for long, not not after our government has it has their way with them.

Michael Sliwinski 18:44
Exactly. But anyway, so I believe in that, that they genuinely, I mean, they still have issues and problems, which we’ll talk about later. But, but in this sense, I kind of believe in them. But anyway, I think they’re doing a smart thing that you know, they’re trying to pair all these things together because it’s like, it’s like what we had we just had with them with the airport’s Pro. And with that, once they they you know, upgraded the firmware and then to iOS 14 suddenly the airports are very quick and connecting to different devices, you know, based on your usage, instead of you just always switching to one or the or another. They’re back they’re still they’re still around to grow but they can do that because they can just pull the you know, the proximity they see that I’m using the iPhone so they go to my iPhone instead of my iPad and and then I listened to it so I’m over there i think i think there’s there’s a room to grow and especially I want to get back to this intercom feature which I think is really cool. Because I because of the last event I bought myself on your Apple Watch six, and my Apple Watch five I gave it to my daughter. And her favorite feature of Apple Watch is walkie talkie with me. So you know so this intercom thing, I think It’s gonna work.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 20:02
Yeah, I’m a little nervous about those things, we do use the broadcast function in the Google space. And, and I find it a little bit disruptive when I’m say in a meeting, and, and, you know, with people working from home and remote work now, it’s like, I don’t need someone, you know, sounding like the voice of God while I’m working. And I’m in a meeting, and then these messages come because they, you know, they may not be home, you know, and they’re broadcasting a message to the house, or they’re on the rooftop or outside and they start broadcasting messages in, in whatever way they want to. So I think this is going to cause maybe some issues. But I do like the idea that I think it’s something that’s really, really phenomenal.

Augusto Pinaud 20:44
I wanted to know is what it means. But it is phenomenal. And you know, we have we have the echoes all around the house, I’m going to admit my son is the one who enjoy that they are Nelson, anybody else. But for dinner, it is great. He can make a mess as they hold it. But the for dinner. But for example, I get the point why we want to tie that up with that. And I agree with what Michael said, the new firmware on the iPad, the airport is incredible, except when you are in this call and not turn on the other device. And suddenly you lose four seats because they went on device. Okay. But, but, but it’s really in general incredible. But, but there are ways to make it and I hope they eventually do it to where you can recognize the people without the device then. And as always, we need to remember this is a version one of this features. This was not something that was available on the original one. But this feature is version one, yes. You know, the echos can recognize the voice without any of these proximity. But as we said part of that it requires that that voice gets recorded in to us on the servers for them to do that. And can they do it? Yes, they can but require that. So I think for version one, it’s a greatest step in the right direction, to have it tied up with the phone, and probably the proximity will be more close to the area where all these things will produce that necessarily the device you’re talking us for at least what I understood those device will be pretty well connected one to the other. So

Raymond Sidney-Smith 22:25
$99 us It comes in white and Space Gray, it is shipping, you can start ordering it on November 6, and it ships November 16 2020. I found it interesting that they’re they’re launching with Apple Music and Apple podcasts support with iheart and tune in. Then they said they were going to support amazon music and Pandora and not supporting Spotify. And so they were support stop Spotify, they just did this, they just couldn’t fathom mentioning them. It’s like it’s just you know, they they couldn’t, you know, just get to it like they’re there. Now, there are a few things, there are a few things that we’ll discuss later in this event to where Apple a didn’t, let’s say behave the way I would like them to. And this is one of these moments like they should be bigger than this. Like they’re a frickin big company. They could now say Spotify, even though they are fighting with Spotify against things. I mean, actually, it was it would be something good to mention Spotify, like, you know, it would be a nice surprise. And with that they’re just confirming that they’re sometimes just shallow in this like, big week, like and they shouldn’t, you know, be weak in the sense. So, of course, they will support Spotify,

Michael Sliwinski 23:37
but they just didn’t want to mention them which I find weird.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 23:40
All right, so that takes us over to 5g and be very weird. varazdin

Michael Sliwinski 23:47
Verizon ultra band two ultra wide, ultra Max, best lt five g g, whatever.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 23:56
Yeah. What did you think about that?

Augusto Pinaud 23:58
Oh, and I’m going to need to be on that one. That’s terrible. So that was terrible. I need an understood that. That was you know, every every family and everybody and every event has a weird guy in the room. Okay, that everybody’s further coordinates look like what is who? Okay, what’s this guy? I think this was the Verizon point. Okay, why Verizon used to announce this on such a weird way. I don’t know. They tried to bring all demand when the public was in there even on the same but then with the awkward Miss of the social distancing. I think it really did not work well for anybody. Not for Tim Cook. Not for Bryson. The announcement was confusing. The name was confusing. So I guess I understood we wanted to announce the 5g use the apple platform to announce that Bryson was going to get nationwide for this but it did not fit All interest,

Michael Sliwinski 25:03
especially they’re not, you know, a current carrier provider. So like, it’s their advertising something which is not theirs. And as you remember in iPhone 3g or iPhone, when iPhone introduced LTE, they just mentioned it casually and they moved on. And here they made a whole spiel about it. And it was really weird. And then, but what’s even worse is that later down the line when they were mentioning things, they were still putting this you know, pull Verizon ultra or something something name. So yeah,

Raymond Sidney-Smith 25:37
well, yeah, when they when they brought the phone, like they were the gentleman who was inside that, that space, I don’t know what you call it, but basically, testing Yeah, testing zone. Talking about the ultra wideband, I was just thinking to myself, who cares? Like, why are you talking about Verizon here? And the weird part was that they were like, yeah, we get 3.5 gigabit gigabits per second in ideal settings. But with ultra wideband, we get four gigabytes, and I’m thinking to myself,

Augusto Pinaud 26:04
yeah, but then normally, we’ll get one.

Michael Sliwinski 26:09
I mean, come on.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 26:11
It was it was just a very weird circumstance thinking like, okay, who cares? About a half a gigabyte per second, when you’re talking three to four gigabytes per second. And then you’re going to tell us that in reality, though, you know, expect hundred to 200 megabytes. It’s like, it’s just a weird, weird situation. All right, let’s fast forward then. None of us like the five g Verizon parts. And they announced the iPhone 12 in five colors, starting at what sounded like 799 USD. What did you like about the the device announcement? What parts about the iPhone 12 are great. What parts Did you not like?

Augusto Pinaud 26:47
So I’m going to start saying that I’m excited to see colors. It’s been a long blue one is gorgeous. Okay, the blue one looks so pretty. And I’m excited to see colors because for some reason, for the longest time, we went to this golden, pinkish, no, no, give me variety. I like the red light. I like the blue. I’m not a big fan of it. But I put I like the fact that you’re giving me the options of the color. So that was a really, really exciting thing. I wanted an orange one, but they decided not to release it. Fine. But I think that was that was big, big news. In general, with all these phones, my big thing was what is the phone bring in a sigh awkward 5g was that it’s going to make me run right now to bother. And at least I miss that component in, in yesterday. And, and I discussed this privately with a couple of people I say, you know, if I will take pictures, or I will be this will be my main camera. I get Okay, Jeff, camera wise. Awesome. But this is my pocket computer. Tell me more about that. And I at least I mean, that it seemed like the last event about iPhones has been about how great camera we are, but missed all the other components that the iPhone bring. Again, that was my impression. I’m excited about a cutscene

Michael Sliwinski 28:20
I like the design, this is you know, going back to the design Exactly. Going back to the design of iPhone five, five s it was a like gorgeous design, and I missed this. And I like this, you know, I have the same design on my iPad Pro 11 inch. And I love this design. It’s really nice. And right now when I have the magic keyboard with my iPad Pro, I very often just take the iPad, you know, naked and use adjust with it just as the iPad and I like it and I want to see if if with this kind of the design I will be able to again, you know use iPad or iPhone naked without without, without any you know, without caseless We’ll see about that because you know, it’s I think you can grab grab the this this much better, like it’s just fits better in the hands, I think we’ll see once we get them in our hands. So I like this design. For me this design was cool as for you know, productivity agosto on a 14 man, I mean, this is such a freakin fast chip that it just blows everything out of the water. So every everything you’ll be doing on your phone will be just faster. So I think it’s hard for them to you know, apart from showing this game. Apart from that it’s hard for them to explain like that everything will be just freakin fast. And I think this is really the main like the main selling point right now because this phone will be much faster than my iPad Pro. With you know, everything that does so um, for me it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s the main selling point and again, I think a good start. They are not trying to sell to a, you know, to people like I mean to be like me, of course. I mean I’m buying a new phone every year. So No problem here. But to people who could who who are upgrading like from a like older phone, so they will see a leap. Like when I was already with the 11 Pro, the photos are fantastic. Everything is fast. But the leap between the 11 Pro, for example, and the iPhone 10 s 10 s and iPhone 10. It’s, it’s, it’s, you know, much bigger. So with this, it’s going to be even bigger,

Augusto Pinaud 30:25
you know. So I prefer to spend time fighting that one arguing that point chart, right?

Raymond Sidney-Smith 30:31
No, no worries, though, I just wanted to put to Michael’s point about how they sold the product, you can see that on the Apple’s iPhone 12 page, everything else about this, this particular splash page is, you know, beautiful and color and everything else. And then you get to the a 14 bionic chip. And it’s this just, it’s a paragraph. And they. So yeah, you’re right on point there that they should have done a much better job of selling this. But because

Michael Sliwinski 30:57
what I’m not showing here is how fast the apps will be how fast how fast the multitasking will be how fast everything else will be. Because this is you know, like, like all these seconds of productivity that you’ll gain by not having to wait for anything to happen.

Augusto Pinaud 31:11
And I agree this has been the year where Apple has really take all these iPads, and they bid on the events on the iPad, even the iPad Air, but it’s now coming to the market the jump it was faster than than the iPad Pro, the 2020 iPad Pro. Okay, given We are looking forward to see what is going to happen with the iPad Pro, like I understood, but that’s me who understand about that about the speed about the chip I get. But what I think they fail on maybe it’s wrong in me thinking that people care about the speed more than they care about the quality of the pictures. And maybe that’s where I missed the line. Because what I feel is that that you’re saying, Yes, I understood that speed. I understand the power of that. Chip. But I know a lot of people who will look down and say, Well, I don’t need another camera. That seems to me like I missed an opportunity to

Michael Sliwinski 32:07
Yeah, but what they did announce it is their mini version.

Augusto Pinaud 32:10
Maybe Yeah.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 32:14
Yeah, so so anything else we wanted to talk about regarding the iPhone 12. Specifically, a 14 chip comes with six core CPU four core GPU, which is an upgrade, they’ve got the neural engine, which comes with 16 cores in it. And they they spent some time talking about the machine learning accelerators on on the chips itself. And so that that’s pretty advanced as well. Obviously, they played around and showed the game, League of Legends, right, and how and how that seamlessly handled even on the 5g network, yada, yada, yada. And then they showed camera night mode, time lapse photography, using all of those pieces. And those were all, you know, obviously rich and beautiful images across. So let’s talk a little bit about magsafe they announced magsafe. And then we will take a quick break. So magsafe, what did you think about the launch of magsafe? And what do you think you’re going to use it for? And how does it really fit into productivity? Like thinking about this from a productivity perspective, really, how will mag save, make people more productive.

Michael Sliwinski 33:21
So first of all, for me, the I’ve always used a case with a wallet behind it, not because of the cards because we have Apple Pay, but I always have a physical card as a backup in case something doesn’t work. And I have my driver’s license here, so and some cash. And now with the magsafe I can just touch it to just naked phone, which is great, I think is great. But most of all, you know, I like I don’t want to make fun of my wife, she’s fantastic. But so many so many times she has, you know, hope that the iPhone will charge even though the you know, the, the induction charging wasn’t close enough, or she would just put the phone in a weird way. So this way, it just clicks it just you know, you can really you can go wrong because it is frustrating, if you put your phone even on the mat, you make sure that you know it, put it there, but and you come back to the to this phone A few hours later and not charged. So I think this is really good, this is really cool. And this will, you know, make sure that you are charging. So you will you know use fewer times the lightning port will just just put it like this, which as we know is really good. So for me these two advances, you know, to make sure that you know when you put it if it clicks and charters is, you know, it kind of you know, aligns perfectly and also the, you know, the wall I think I’m curious if this wallet thing still works with the charger like you know, because some of them some of these chargers work with this some don’t. So I’m curious if the apples you know, you know snap on wallet will work, you know with the with the magsafe so I want to know that will be that will be a really interesting thing. I was really excited I was I love

Augusto Pinaud 35:02
the magsafe technology. And actually for for my iPads, I found something really similar to the concept of the magsafe. And I went and bought all the cables and everything so, so all my devices charged with a similar technologies in them. So I am really excited on that. Clicking in the phone, I agree I mean as much side, I laugh, I agree nothing more frustrating given to the country, put it on that and then grab the phone Half an hour later and discover, Oh, I didn’t put it in the right place. So I think that is going to be my singleness. As in many things I am I was not that happy was the event with the magsafe Park part of the show, I was really excited because the kinds of things I’m expecting from Apple, they took a product that is widely available, but make it really better. You know, do there is nothing else in market that do that. I love the idea of the leather water. Knowledge. But I don’t like to have that leather wallet all the time over there. I love the fact that now I can put it there or take it out depending on what I do. That’s bad for me, we’ll make it enough to buy that, that magsafe saddle. So I think they did really, really, really well. And I’m really excited to see not only where Apple is going to take it but also where third parties are going to really take this technology. And of course we will see our by putting the two magnets through. So this makes sense. And you will wonder why nobody before 2020 thought about anything else about the

Raymond Sidney-Smith 36:41
magsafe I my only

Michael Sliwinski 36:44
speak of your questions they showed already previewed that there is somebody already working on that car dash thing. So it’s this week lawyers just

Raymond Sidney-Smith 36:53
put it like Belkin I think it was belt.

Michael Sliwinski 36:55
Yeah, I think Belkin Yeah. So So anyway, anyway, these kind of investments, as I was saying they would really change our lives for better without clipping accordingly. The phones, you know, when you get in the car,

Augusto Pinaud 37:06
I have a magnet in mind. And I would love to get rid of this one. So just the apple one instead of having the two magnets for two different.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 37:16
Yeah, I think the third party components are going to be much more interesting as they get those things develop. And so with that, we’re gonna be back after the break to talk more about the iPhone, 12, Max and Max pro and all those other fun things that Apple announced. But now a word from our sponsor, WCC web. Did you know half of small businesses don’t have websites and half don’t make it past one year in business? Are these stats correlated? We’re not sure. But we think you should have a website w three see Web Services provides affordable manage WordPress website hosting, along with VPS domain name registration, and other small business focused services. For listeners of this podcast, you can book a free 30 minute digital marketing strategy session, when you purchase a new hosting plan $150 value. Once you purchase your new hosting, plan forward the receipt to support at W three c With the podcast title in the subject line of the email message. And we’ll get you scheduled for your digital marketing strategy session. Head over to anything but slash web hosting and get started with your small business website today. And now back to your show. All right, we’re back. And so welcome back everybody. This is our special event talking about high speed the apple special event. And we’ve been covering the homepod Mini the iPhone 12 announcement. And now we’re going to get into a discussion about the iPhone 12 Mini. And before we do that I they took a break. And I thought this was really interesting, which is they took a break to talk about environmental impact and what they were doing in terms of environmental impact. And I don’t know about you, but I I enjoyed, you know, being someone who is very environmentally conscious and thinking about how my work and world affect the planet. They made a commitment that by 2030, they would be net zero climate impact, not just for what Apple does, but really their entire customer bases product lifecycle. So every product that’s out there in the world, they wanted to get to net zero climate impact, I think they should be a little bit more aggressive. giving themselves a decade to get to that point is a bit lacks, I think considering what we’re dealing with, but that’s fine. But they basically used it as an opportunity to tell everybody that they would not be putting additional items in the boxes so the boxes would be slimmer and they would have less waste and sounds of words but but they’re basically saying to you we’re going to give you a cable, the lightning to USB C adapter and then you’re on your own you’ve got to buy everything else. Yeah, so

Michael Sliwinski 39:54
why stop there? Why give the cable

and yeah, so so It’s, it’s okay, I get it. Like I like in my history, I guess I switch to a new iPhone every year, I actually keep the charging and the and the, the charger and the headphones in the case, and I use everything else. And then I just when I resell it next year, I just put put it back. So, so everybody who gets, you know, my phone, my last year’s phone gets the brand new charger and a brand new, you know, headphones. So I get it, I haven’t used that much I have better chargers and better headphones, like the, the pros and whatever. But they did something skeptics are, you know, on the other side, saying, you know, okay, they are not passing on these cost savings to us, they’re just gonna charge us the same. And it’s even worse, in the case of the iPhone 12 not to the fourth Pro, but 12 when you look at their website, what they did is that you They say that it started 799 but what it does is 789 with some instant discount if you go with Verizon or, or at&t, but if you want to buy an iPhone unlocked, you have to pay $30 more, so not only are they not gonna pass in any savings to us, because the box will be smaller, and everything else, but also they’re charging 30 bucks more for the phone. So, you know, I didn’t like it, I you know, I on one hand, I applaud the Eco message. But it’s like, they say, we do it for our environment and for us. And for you not so much. So like this is this is my god and actually, and and with this Verizon and they didn’t do the deal, we’re gonna actually screw you over. So it’s fine. And we’re Apple, we can do that on the applicant. So it’s kind of, you know, I didn’t like it, I think here they should have thought, you know, even given like a small, you know, incentive, if you do need a charger, you know, you get a coupon or whatever, and you get a cheaper charger from us or something with the new iPhone, like getting like this kind of a not even not a big deal. But you know, a kind of incentive that, you know, should you need a charger, we got one for you, it’s 30 bucks. But you know, with a new iPhone, you just get a cheaper because you’re a great customer. This way they show you Okay, we are not giving you the charger, but we have an opportunity to get one yes, you pay us money. But you know, it’s gonna be good for environment and you will you will have to choose to get it. So I’m not saying pass all the cost savings, but just to something and, again, for them like they they did you know they did, they felt they saw that as it’s good for the environment for them, but not

Augusto Pinaud 42:36
so much. That’s a good point, I agree with you finish the airport. I have rarely used the, the white one. And really unless that I’m having issues on one of these things that for whatever reason that Bluetooth is not working well. And I need to run and plug it in. But but I have not replaced them or use new ones. And because of this and I know I don’t want to have the cable so I get that one the charger instead. I don’t know. But if you’re going to do it that way, that will have been a beautiful classy way to do it, it’s fine if you need if you happen because this is your first phone or because you’re moving from a different platform. Hey, inside of that, they will be a coupon where you get whatever, okay to buy the new thing instead of saying, well now you need on top of that, to spend the 30 bucks, that’s a really good point.

Michael Sliwinski 43:32
And they and they can do that I can like last year they gave us Apple TV plus for free when you get the new Apple device, they click and you know again, not a big deal but a nice thing to do. So it’s a it doesn’t cost them money and incentivizes us to actually use the thing. So you know,

Raymond Sidney-Smith 43:50
that’s my thought on that. So this leads us to now the final two or three products of the event they announced the apple mini the apple pro and the apple pro Max and so correct me if I’m wrong is the iPhone 12 Mini mini the same specs as the apple pro no as the 12th as as the 12 as the standard as

Michael Sliwinski 44:15
well. Yeah, well it’s just a smaller 12 right and I think it’s great i think they should have done that long before because there are people who don’t want to have like the gigantic devices actually, if I would if I wouldn’t be a sucker for the three cameras in the pro I would go with the meaning because I really like this more sighs I’m a small person I have small hands. So for me the bigger they make these phones the worse I was using an iPhone Plus in my you know in my day but it was hard. It was hard to use it it was hard used one handed and I had to make my pockets bigger and my my pants so it No, I like the standard size. The small as small as can be anyway with this big sizes. So I think Mini is a great choice to do it. And I and I, and it’s good to disguise the same specs, just if you like the smaller size, go with a smaller size.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 45:08
Yeah, I’m a huge fan of that option. I really love the idea of just having a smaller size, the 5.4 inch display. And the same specs. I’m right there with you. I will want the larger phone. I know I do. But there are many people like my mom, my sister, other folks who, you know, they’re smaller people, they want to have, you know, a smaller device, they wanted to fit in their pocket. And, and I know I can’t fit my phone in my pocket. It’s too big now.

Augusto Pinaud 45:36
But you see, for me, the problem is my main machine is okay. And I have the 12.9 and I have the iPad Mini. I carry that iPad Mini with me everywhere and he has data. So I play with that iPod a lot more than what I take my phone for me the phone is I don’t carry any other device other than the thin. Okay, and really, even with a pandemic, there’s so many phone calls that I get. I get a lot of soup, a lot of meat. Okay, but I don’t get you know that many phone calls anymore because as people before all this work, oh, well, let me give you a call now he’s like, Can we assume so we don’t do any more. The smaller the phone, the better. I have always said if they allow me to have just the phone in here, I will never carry a phone anymore. Good. The three phone calls that are getting in the watch. And I will be having the problem is they still require me to have a phone. So I can register my Apple Watch. That’s how I see it on my wish list Do you don’t need a watch a phone anymore. Even with family I can now use my wife’s phone. I have not thought of that. And I make me able to get rid of the phone and just have the LTE version of that thing. But I think the meanie it’s a fantastic device. I don’t I don’t take pictures. I many years ago, my wife bought an SLR camera. And it was you know, one of those fancy automated one from she wants this, you cannot take predictors. But really let me see. And I think for pictures I just said you are inconvertible Forget about it. Don’t even try to take a picture ever again. So I am not the photographer of the family. So I don’t care about the finances. But I I really care about the size and I care about Detroit a few times I’m going to use the phone.

Michael Sliwinski 47:28
So I’m really excited about that one I like and I’m curious to see how this new ceramic shield really will affect this because one thing that will happen with this meaning is I will be able to have my naked phone I will be able to put the wallet on the back and I will not be to put the magnets recently half. Okay. So when I put it in the car here I’m working on Delfin so all these three things are really, really exciting for me. Yeah, that we haven’t mentioned that, that they have they they say that they have four times stronger screen and glass. So this is exact exactly my hope that you know, I can carry the phone without any case. Because you know, it will not crack when it falls down because it does fall down like this phone has been flying a lot. And it’s fine. So but because it has a case. So I’m wondering like how this you know, how this will affect it. Yeah. So that’s why you know, many great, I think it’s it’s cool, but you know, I’m getting the pro anyway.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 48:33
Yeah, so you’d mentioned this this is ceramic shield is that is what they’re calling it. They work with Corning to make their screens four times more powerful. And so in contrast, if the iPhone 12 is coming out starting at 799, starting as Michael noted, then the iPhone 12 Mini, the five G is coming out at 699 USD, again, starting at that 5.4 inch display. And so this really brings us then to the the iPhone 12 Pro and pro max. And so what did you gentlemen, think about the announcement of the iPhone 12 Pro and pro Mac. The blue is still gorgeous. Absolutely, yeah.

Michael Sliwinski 49:16
Yeah, I mean, the blue on the Pro is really nice. It’s really beautiful. So and there you go. There you have a it’s really really nice. And I said the design is cool. And I’m looking forward to see the stainless steel how you know how well it’s how reliable it is, you know how we can hold in your hands. And really I would want to carry this phone with it with me without any case. And as I said the photos it’s thick right now taking a picture with one of these things is like cheating. Because like you it’s you cannot take a bad photo like you just oh man. against the sun. You just I I think the other day I was proving this to my dad like I pulled the phone from my pants. And just looked straight at the sun and took a picture of a building with this sun and perfect photo. Like without it thinking it was really good. So the photos in the photos already like on this 11 Pro are fantastic. So this 12 Pro, again, it’s a, as far as I learned, it has a slightly bigger focal length than the than the 11 Pro. So it’s even better, the lenses are a little bit better, they have more opportunity, the merit main white cameras is a little bit better. So it’s small, smaller improvement. Optical, particularly the Pro, the 12 Pro versus 11 Pro, but of course the a 14 chip is a chip is much better. And And with this, it also can just just do better photos. So and they announced this pro raw Apple pro raw for photographers so great. My only problem is, of course that the Max has even better photos. So with that, you know I get with Max jealous, but I cannot buy it because it’s just too big of a phone for me. So I’m so I’m staying with just 12 Pro for that. And, you know, and and, and me being a dad, as Ray introduced me, and I take lots of pictures of my girls. They’re fantastic. They’re gorgeous, and I cannot get enough of them. So I use all three lenses all the time, because sometimes I get an ultra wide, sometimes I’m just get a normal photo. And life photos are just freakin good with kids. Like they the whole context when you get a live photo is just great. Lots of portraits as well with them. So and the zoom is also important because sometimes I’m just a little bit further, but I don’t want to just, you know, creep into too close. Because they you know, they would just do something else. So I want to stay a bit outside. So I use all three lenses all the time. So that’s why this this this phone is mine.

Augusto Pinaud 51:55
Yeah, the only thing there’s two things that got my attention on this iPhone 12. One is how much difference with with the battery on devices. And really, the phones are not that I mean, yes, they’re big, but they’re not that big. The difference between the 12th and the meaning and the and the promax. You know, but you get, you know, a lot more battery, six hours more battery is a lot. So, so that was the other thing that was interesting, and I was joking about it last night is that all these files now, you can get what a resistance up to six meter and 30 minutes. So now we are going to start getting calls in general, people will have can really last a full shower for the hour. So be ready for for what that what he’s covered was so

Raymond Sidney-Smith 52:44
I noted, I was showing on screen here some of the specs that Apple has been touting on their website about the product. And you know, the thing that really kind of stands out for me is more of this computational photography that they’re really showing. And you know, on screen, it’s probably not going to show you as well. So I would suggest going to the iPhone 12 Pro website and really seeing what they’re showing on the site. But you know, they’re really doing, you know, catch up here with Google’s, you know, computational photography areas, you know, Google’s taking much lower quality cameras and turning these images into really spectacular photography. And Apple is coming with really great hardware and catching up with the computational photography algorithms. So good on them for doing so. And I’m looking forward to seeing more people taking both video and photos with their iPhones and making great art. And that’s really quite wonderful. Any anything else that Oh, so so there are four colors, I showed them on screen, but there were four colors that they’re going to be releasing for the pro and pro max. These come with us surgical grade stainless steel, they are 6.1 inch display and a 6.7 inch display display that’s huge. It’s kind of like an iPad Mini Mini. So it is ip 68 so it’s pretty water resistant in that regard. And so you know, pretty phenomenal device. I’m pretty impressed with the specs on it. And and you know obviously the camera is is a is a great set of cameras for I guess across the entire 12 lineup. I mean they’ve done a really great job there. I didn’t particularly you know unless you’re a photographer or Apple pro raw doesn’t seem to be that you know that spectacular to me but I understand if you’re a photographer you want the raw footage to be able to so good on them for bringing that product it’s not out yet but they said it’s coming soon so we’ll see what happens when it does comes from your mention. You know the meaning of the medium that was one of my disappointed I’m still waiting for the Apple Pencil to be compatible with the phone and and that will we Probably the only thing that will make me buy an iPhone 12 Pro max that size to be able to replace my iPad Mini with an iPhone now and carry that don’t take one device out of the out of the equation, that will be a perfectly 6.7 will be, it’s going to be at the end of the day larger than index card. So I’ve been using index card for so long that it will be perfect for me. But again, they decide not to release that. And I hope that next year they do and I don’t understand why they haven’t do it other than the fact that you’re apple. But then I as I said in the beginning, I’m I’m a little disappointed about this event

Michael Sliwinski 55:42
next year. So next year, they will they’ll call it iPhone 13 Pro max note,

Augusto Pinaud 55:53
my credit card behind that product by apple cart,

Michael Sliwinski 55:56
there are two two surprises for me if I may for the Pro. So first bad surprise is that with the last event, I was hopeful that they would put a fingerprint sensor in the home button. Because of the COVID. Like we have to wear masks everywhere. I it’s you know, I just have to do this, you know kind of spiel to put on take off my mask for a second to authenticate. And then and then it put it back. And I would prefer to have this second layer. So I could you know, authenticate with my finger today introduce it to the iPad Air. So they obviously can do it. It’s a shame they haven’t done it. So for me this was like a minus. But on the on the plus side with the 11 with the 12 Pro, they start with hundred 28 gigabytes of storage, which is great, because this is actually what all you need. Like unless you have special needs, like I have 256 because it was the after 64 it was the second tier and the 256 I have half of it’s empty still. So because the way they manage photos and videos and everything else, so I’m not filling it up anyway, which is actually bad marketing for them, they should have made me fill it up and then you know, tell me that I need a bigger space, but they haven’t. So I’m considering both like kind of 28 or 26. But it whichever comes first to me. I’m just gonna get it because it like it’s it’s fine. And it’s great because Apple has been stingy on this storage for for quite a while I can see that the 12 is still started at 64 gigabytes. And and very often when people were asking me for advice, I would like don’t get decrypted the the poor man’s iPhone get the you know bigger size. Like I had to just tell them this caveat before buying. So now with a iPhone 12 pro or pro Max, like get any any of these and you’ll find it which is what I would always like to say.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 57:51
Yeah, and I think that’s because they’re trying to push people to the Apple iCloud to upgrade there’s glitter cloud storage, they want to be able to push people there. And so they were kind of playing games there. And now it seems like they’ve they’ve either made enough money, they realize that they’re there. And so they’ve basically given enough on on device storage. And I think that’s a good good move all around. I’m curious from both of you. What are the kind of the biggest ticket productivity opportunities here with this new line of 12? And maybe this reaches back to the iPhone 11 what what can we what can we see people doing now today on their iPhones? Both of you being the co authors of iPad only? You know, will we see a world where maybe there is iPhone only because we have an iPhone pro Max, which is basically this little you know, much larger display, Could someone really dock that in say a bridge keyboard and work from that as their primary device?

Augusto Pinaud 58:50
So let me let me let me say was that when even before the iPhone, okay, there was this device called a Palm Pilot that many people will read. And before Palm Pilot when under they came with a device called the folio that was basically a dumb terminal. Okay, where the your palm pilot will connect to it and give you a full screen and a full. Late years later Samsung came with the idea of the dex that is exactly the same concept. Okay, just modernize through the times where you can use your Samsung phone connected to a bigger screen and now turn into a full size. That’s what is making I Apple refine this concept do I think they’re going to come with that concept? I really hope and I hope that the recent is similar we discuss with the next day if they have not yet refined it to the point they consider is ready innovative enough to come out that set aside of the fact of the items, okay, for capabilities ones, okay? People can survive on the iPad on the iPhone sorry as their main device and that’s their only device. Most people Most people don’t need even, I’m not talking about the promax. I’m even talking about the top media, I’m even talking. If you go before this phones are getting so powerful and so fast that really you can do everything with the introduction of the mouse, you can really use the mouse and everything else. There is really not a matter of if the device can do, it’s more what you can do, or what you want to do is the device that said, you know, of course, I have glasses, so that I may need to buy me a magnifier. But but but aside of the magnifier, because I’m getting old, really, there is if I will be on the go. Today, as I was on the go, maybe 10 years ago, I will not have the iPads and the computers, I This will be my whole office, there is no reason to do any of that. So I don’t think capability issue, I think is more a comfort issue in the long term of working. But I will let Michael answer from his experience idle. Yes, some cool case studies with your software.

Michael Sliwinski 1:01:05
Yes, software is still the problem. Now, I mean, not the problem, but like any kind of a bottleneck because the hardware is there. And the a 14 is just fantastic processor, as we mentioned, you know, the whole paragraph for them, rightfully so and so it’s a it’s a very fast a computer. So in theory, you could, you know, plug it in and just use it like this. But even if you don’t plug it in and just use it as as, as this phone a, you know, they they are pushing it like for example, the new Notes app lets you scan documents already, you know, they, but but but for example, they haven’t introduced OCR, they’re like you, but you can have other apps that do that. So for example, I’m using scan scan, pro scan plus pro or something. So an app that scans and does OCR on the device, because the device is so fast, it just does the OCR so this way I can search later for these documents, which is which is great. And it also Siri shortcuts. I’m using shortcuts like crazy right now, like both on the iPhone and iPad. I’m using sockets for almost everything. And and it’s it’s glorious, but it’s glorious for me as a geek and as a as a programmer. And for people who are not geeks, still shortcuts is still something that it’s a bit difficult and a bit tricky. So and I think they should really try to push for, you know, more shortcuts more ways for people to save time, by just automating things on the on the iPhone, and also the, you know, the way applications talk to each other. And again, there is a lot, there are still lots of room for improvement so that apps can really like you know, like, like, in my case, like our application knows we teams the way it works, it works through the API’s and all that, all that stuff. And that and right now we are introducing Zapier, we already have the Zapier integration, all that stuff. But for us, the best part would be to just really like talked to a different app, like you know, like from, for example, now to UTC on an alternate non udcs, you just put it as a comment to a task and not be and then you just move that as an email to somebody email, like you just did the apps work together closer. So there’s still because this is like, the most intuitive interface, you touch things like and so so there is there is still I see still lots of room for improvement, to make this interface even better, because the hardware is there, like the photos are amazing, the capabilities of the processor are amazing, just the software is still is still not not there yet to to empower people to do more things. So I’m hoping, you know, like, you know, we, as developers, like me and my team, we’re pushing forward, but of course, it also depends on the platform to help us, you know, make these things possible. But yeah, I’m looking forward to, you know, to making this this thing really, at, you know, an iPhone only device like that you can really just use the iPhone. And, you know, we have, in our case, we have customers who are, you know, managing big companies just from this iPhone, like, they just use this for everything. So, you know, it’s our job and Apple’s job to enable us to combine these apps to help make sure that the apps work together and just, you know, boost people’s productivity even more.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 1:04:26
Fantastic. Yeah, I just know a lot of folks who actually do use their iPhones as their primary vehicle to the internet to managing their companies. And so I was really curious how you guys have that perspective on it, and I appreciate your thoughts there.

Augusto Pinaud 1:04:41
And I’m going to say one, one more thing that that is also really important to mention, the ecosystem, you know, if you use you know, your, your Apple iPhone as their main device, when you get home and you are still in that ecosystem, that’s something that Apple has done really, really well. If you move to the Apart from there, you really will find exactly the same thing. And with the changes, they are doing to Big Four, they’re really trying to even bring that closer to the MacBooks. And so they’re trying really to make, they may not be there 2020, maybe 2020 something project. But what we are going to see, what we have been seeing is they’re bringing closer that experience of getting device, a device B to device, see and experience across all of them the same thing instead of what happened. But you grab the next device and is completely different, and many are in different places. They’re been doing a really

Raymond Sidney-Smith 1:05:46
good job with that. Fantastic. And so with that, we’re going to close out the show. I wanted to thank Michael Slowinski from nosb, Michael, for joining us here today and for having us do this commentary episode on Apple’s high speed event. Where can folks find you and keep on top of your work that you’re doing over there? It knows B and yourself.

Michael Sliwinski 1:06:09
So no, it was my productivity app or apps right now for personal productivity and freakin productivity. And my new blog, Michael docs team. And Fun fact, Microsoft’s team blog is done. I’m publishing it using GitHub, and like services and using an app called working copy on the on the iPhone. So I can actually edit my blog and edit my content really easily on the iPhone and just update anything very easily from the iPhone speaking of that, so. So it’s really, really cool how I’m how, again, I can be productive for my iPhone and update both of actually of my websites through thrive thrive. So yeah, that’s with calm and Michael, the team on Michael’s team. You can find all my contacts to social media, to my twitter and call just email me directly.

Raymond Sidney-Smith 1:06:57
Fantastic. Thank you, Michael. And thank you for joining us here today. All right. And with that, we’ve covered the apple high speed event. Thank you to a gousto for joining me here today as well. Thanks, Cousteau. Um, with that. Let us know if there is something we missed about the apple high speed event. If you have a comment, question, if you want to be able to just subscribe to the podcast feed. If you want to find the show notes. txt transcript links to any of the resources that we’ve covered. All of that can be found by visiting anything but And we’ll also provide a link to Michael’s blog and to nose be from that page as well from the episode page for today. And with that, Take care everybody, here’s your productive life. See you next time.


Download a PDF of raw, text transcript of the interview here.

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