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Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Art Gelwicks, a productivity and collaboration consultant, blogger at, and host of the Being Productive podcast, CrossPlatform podcast, as well as ProductivityCast Podcast.

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Why a Remote Workspace Will Set You Up For Career Success

How to Create a Productive Remote Work Schedule

How to Create a Work Wellbeing Plan

The Top Tech Essentials You Should Take on a Business Trip

Apple Google and Microsoft will soon implement passwordless sign-in on all major platforms

Google Kills Headphone Jack in Latest Pixel 6A Just Months After Parodying Apple 

Amazon working on a new Kindle with Note Taking Functionality

Apple Patent Suggests Future iPad Could Transform Into macOS-Like Experience When Attached to a Keyboard 

Business & Finance Segment

Remarkable raises new round of funding with $1B valuation

E-Ink iPad Rival ‘reMarkable’ Sells More Than 1 Million Devices

Featured Story of the Week

New Chromebook features announced at Google I/O 2022

All the New Android Features Announced at Google I/O

Wear OS is finally getting a Google Home app for smart home controls [Video]

Revamped Google Wallet officially revealed Pay gets Virtual Cards for better checkout protection

Google sends Apple a direct message about iMessage at IO

Android tablets might finally get that iPad-beating update

Google I/O Highlights for Apple Users: Sneak Peek at Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, More 

Google could soon introduce a seamless cross-device experience


🚩 Introducing: Card Tracking!!! Postable

New in HEY: Received an email with a ton of attachments? Boom! Now you can download them all-at-once with just two clicks. 

Help MeisterTask Improve. Take Our User Survey!

⚛️Fresh off the #GoogleIO announcement: A new, beautifully-designed Todoist for Wear built with Jetpack Compose is now available to test for all Experimentalists. 

Find Out if You’re Part of Apple’s $14.8 Million iCloud Settlement – CNET

Microsoft Build May 24 to 26

Other News

Zap Drafts Has Arrived

Productivity Boosters: My Top Five Developer Tools Worth The Money

Googles changing its performance reviews to waste less time

How to track your menstrual cycles on a smartwatch

Google Keep is getting ready to add text formatting almost a decade after launch 

The new Lenovo Duet 3 is available on Lenovo’s website

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 145 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 

Apple’s Merger of ‘iCloud Documents and Data’ Into iCloud Drive Now Complete 

Ulysses 26 brings modernized WordPress integration and more blogging tools 

Ulysses Gains Permanently Visible Writing Stat Counter and Optimized Publishing Flow 

Testing Out Apple’s Self Repair Program With an iPhone 12 Mini Battery Fix 

Apple Cash replaces Discover with Visa for new virtual debit card accounts 

The 8 Best Remote Work Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Its not as bad as you think it is

Brain Food: Longevity

Self-Help Is Important. Other-Help Is Too.

3 More Productivity Tips I Learned Working at Google You Should Already Be Using

Overwhelmed at work? This approach always works for me.

Upskilling: Four Simple Steps Toward Upgrading Your Work

Top 10 Stressors in Life (And How to Cope with Them)

Hanvon N10 e-note device with 10.3-inch E Ink display announced

You can no longer buy Kindle eBooks on Android

How to Delete Your Autofill Passwords in Chrome (and Move to Something More Secure)

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