Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2020

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 Special Keynote Commentary

For the first time, Apple hosted its Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 (WWDC) keynote virtually (and prerecorded) to open the week of developer-focused events (also virtual this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic). Augusto Pinaud is our Apple aficionado and leads us through what happened at this year’s WWDC!

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Hello personal productivity enthusiasts and community. Welcome to anything but idle. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith.

I’m Augusto Pinaud

and we’re your hosts for anything but idle. This is episode eight. And we’re recording this on June 22 2020. This is actually special coverage of the Apple Worldwide developer conference. This is different than our normal episodes. But we hope to do these special coverage episodes when big productivity and technology events happen. So that’s why we’re here to talk about WWDC. And so with that, let’s get into what happened today at the Apple Worldwide developer conference, keynote. Just from hearing the chatter around the event. I immediately thought I think this is probably going to be a digital experience permanently I feel like they really just did this really clean pre recorded event and it just seemed to work so well for them. You know, that was my impression Apple really they have been for years now providing the video they did at this time notice a difference on their website, YouTube Apple TV as well. A developer apps and I like you I think they have been they one of the issues on the previous years is that they run out of space so quick, so they can really scale up this if they stay digitally. Plus for the people who who travels and Elise is also such as less of a hassle or, or maybe even more hassle because some of them may be at home and getting distracted. I don’t know. But like you and what I’m hearing is this digital experience is going to be here to stay. I’m probably sure that the next keynote, we’ll have people but the WWDC DC as we know will be but it was fun to see. They obviously show how incredible Apple is as a marketing machine. They start with a flying emojis around the world was a computer and he was really really awesome at the beginning of the presentation and notice a surprise Tim Cook came after that and before he even start and everything in the apple Park he said well, we need to address racism, injustice and inequality and he talked about the efforts that Apple is doing Apple just recently open 100 million dollar fund to find these issues and and Tim Cook has been open about his opinion on all that is happening and all that he believes about these topics and what Apple under his direction belief about this topic. So I think it was a good beginning. After that they split the show into iOS, iPad OS, watch OS, TV OS on Mac OS. And if you have watched it already, you have you know, what used to be the one more thing was brought this time with some cool things that we’ll cover at the end of the show. So with that, let’s start into the iOS and iOS was full of stuff starting from homescreen five Okay. And the app library was the first thing they mentioned, they app library will automatically organize applications into one simple view. And what it wasn’t clear on is if you can only do it that automatically way or you’re going to be able to customize, I’m sure as soon as developers catch into the vendor versions, they will view that but they we know now that he’s going to sort you’ve seen the most use apps to the, to the front and making some apps larger insights, especially as in that category use more ones more than others. So that’s going to be dynamic thing. It’s going to be really, really cool. Also, they mentioned you are going to be able to hide entire page of applications that you know, as I mean on iOS is the first iPad, iPhone. So So let’s say second year, that’s when you start adding apps there. option there that I have purge and delete. But there is a lot of apps that are there. So I have never gotten really into a mega purge. So it is cool to be able to hide some of that stuff


And yeah, some apps are actually meant to do things in the background that you don’t actually want to log into really ever. You know, I know that on the Android platform, I have several applications that run just so that I have in the drop down menu functionality. And so I never want to see those applications. So I never put them on my homescreen or any any of my other screens. They live in the app drawer. And so it’s nice to see Apple kind of coming to terms with the reality that their organization is not necessarily everyone else’s. And I’m curious like you to see if the app library will give some level of power, it seems as though it’s going to be machine learning and it’s going to automatically do do this as opposed to giving you some power, but hopefully some of the options and settings will make it smarter. And that leads us to their next kind of big announcement widgets. They are finally Bringing widgets to the platform. And honestly, it’s beautiful just from looking at what they’re doing. There seems to be some automatic widget options that come throughout the day. So you’re able to have different widgets kind of appear and disappear throughout the day based on context, that is just really gonna be powerful. You know, start your day with Morning News and the weather, get to midday, have different information, and then close out your day with information about what’s coming up in your following day. I just I think they did a brilliant job of really thinking through what widgets could be, and learning from other platforms. You know, they clearly looked at what other OS is on the mobile we’re doing. And they brought in those features and did what Apple does best, which is just make it look beautiful. Yeah, they introduced the widgets on iOS 13. And it’s functional, but it’s still complicated to get there. I think the fact now that you can integrate the page and the widgets in there and as you said, what they call that the smart stack that is going to be moving and changing through the That is really awesome. The fact that I may be able to start with certain things and end my day that that is going to be, you know, I think, at least for what they show us today, it’s going to be awesome. So the next thing we have is picture in picture. And they are bringing the same capabilities that you have on the iPad to do purchase picture in picture to the iPhone, and it seems capable or as capable as the iPad is, I mean, mining the size of the screen. But as I was joking, during the, during the live preview, you know, there goes the productivity. Now you can watch a movie while you’re doing on your zoom call, and nobody will know. So the productivity feature of the first time the productivity feature of them. I don’t know about you, but I spent quite a number of conversations on the phone that just being on the phone was what I needed to do, not having to contribute in that conversation. And so Being able to do something else, like watching a video could be actually quite productive. So, or, you know, there there are times when, you know you’re trying to help somebody with something and you’re watching a YouTube how to tutorial on how to do that thing and you’re walking them through that I can see myself now being able to watch a YouTube video picture and picture while I’m talking to that person and walking them through that process in a way in which they can understand. And I think that’s going to be really, really powerful for VIP. That that is a really interesting approach. Yes, yes, I could see that too. Yes. Then we have some new Siri news. Yes, Siri, you know, on the iOS, it’s annoying. He takes the whole screen and all that now they bring a more compact version of that. So it is really really cool that you are not going to be able to take the whole screen but he’s just going to take a little piece so I think they did that. You know they did that really well. Also, theory now in the same Wait Google have done it for for a long time, but on device, you know, you will be able to now use what they I’m sure is going to be called Apple translate. But Apple translate, it’s really powerful because you will be able to one is going to be done on device. So second, it’s going to be able to listen to your voice and translate or do, I’m sure you will be able to type into that. And translate that’s going to be incredible, incredible helpful. I depend on many things with Google Translate. So having that on a device without an internet connection, I think is going to be awesome.

Now what I understand is that you’ll actually be able to use this for real time translation, as well. So you’re being able to have these types of conversations. I just think this is going to be really a great challenge to Google Translate, and it’ll help everyone up their game. You know, there’s there should be no reason why in 2020 we have language barriers on on planet Earth. We have the ability and the tech To make that barrier go away. And and I’m looking forward just to a day when, you know, we can open up a Google meet and have people in 15 different languages join the Google meet and everyone in real time is hearing in their own language, the responses, you know, I think that’s going to be that’s the future. And I’m looking forward to that. Not not like Star Trek tricorder level where it’s different species but but we are we’re getting there we’re getting there to to be able to just have seamless communication among one species. All right, next up, we’ve got some iMessage news. So iMessage is also changed. Now you will be able to pin on the top of the application conversation so that way they don’t get lost to the day also. The emojis are getting, you know, a big improvement they are getting more than 20 a hair and head wears face coverings and also more age options for the people who age There’s some of us were in denial about it. And then you also will be able to get three new things hogs fist bump, and surprise us covering your mouth. So that’s from them emoji side. And yeah, I did spend a good part of the keynote actually playing with my G. Just trying to get it all set up. And actually, there are quite a bit of interesting pieces already in the Moji space. I’m looking forward to seeing these new items come to iOS. But you know, it’s just great to be able to see both diversity and inclusion in something that is supposed to be about self expression. And really being able to have people see themselves in a digital experience, I think is again, just one of those movements toward more equal digital realm for my kids love them images and they you can use them in face to face same call. So they love to get with the grandparents and change their faces and, and all that so the next thing that came with it message is awesome. I’m a big user of telegram and WhatsApp and I love the fact that you can make a comment and I can use the inline response and you know what I’m responding especially when the conversation is teaching different topics or it’s not synchronous communication, but a synchronous communication and somebody comes and respond later on. Okay? And you’re like, Okay, what So now, I message will allow you to have that and not only that, it will add that is somebody or more than one person respond to the same line, it will group them up together. So do you know what the answer you know, all you Luke, all those chances together? And I think that’s going to be really awesome. Yeah, I know, what’s up just recently added the feature so that they’ve had replied to a specific message in line for quite some time. But WhatsApp added the feature where if you just lightly swipe right, the then it automatically pulls it down for the inline reply, and I just find that to be so remarkable is Sweet. I’m glad to be able to do that now. So I’m looking forward to seeing this option. I know that I have a good friend who has been asking for this for years. So I was very delighted to be able to send her a message earlier today and say, guess what? She’s gonna be very, very excited to see this feature. finally come to iOS. Next up, we have some news in the Apple Maps in the location world around Apple Maps CarPlay. And what we don’t know necessarily the name of the feature yet, but we’ll get there. So Apple Maps, what’s Apple Maps getting getting?

Well, Apple Maps, maps, adding guides. Now we don’t know who’s going to call but he’s going to be cool now to be able to create guides to add guidance when you go to the cities, especially you know, when you go to a new place and be able to get that information. Also, finally, Cycling is coming to the Apple Maps. Google people has had that for a while. And it’s cool to see as you were mentioning early how Google and Apple are coming now to raise their game one to each other in a good way, in a positive way, and making both platforms really more powerful. And finally, I had a friend who I sent this text today, because he had a vehicle who only can go 300 miles before he made charge. So these trips are planned around the thing that he’s a really complex planning so I texted him and we said was a joke that saying it’s time to upgrade the iPhone, so it goes with your vehicle. CarPlay also got a massive update. They didn’t talk much about the CarPlay but they talk about that in how permanent is and how they’re going to try to make different features. depending if you’re driving or you’re stationary or not for CarPlay but they didn’t really went into a lot of detail. What they went into details on, I think was a big big news is that BMW five series 2021 is going to come with a digital version of us cart and you will be able to use your iPhone to start the vehicle or In the car, and as they said, Let your teenage drive the vehicle and set up where he can drive or cannot drive the vehicle. As that progress and gets included into other vehicles, it’s going to be really, really cool. The last thing we have with iPhone or iOS is one thing they call up clip that they’re going to allow you to download little pieces of the app that do the feature without download the app. I will let you talk more about that I understand that Google had something similar to this. Yeah. So Google calls us or Android calls this Instant Apps. And it’s kind of the same idea in the sense that you should be able to use parts of an application or use the application all tolled without actually having to install it. So you do a Google search and you ask for functionality. And the functionality comes available to you from the instant app. You use it. But there was no installation of the application through the app store. It was automatically all done in the Background seamlessly for you. App clip seems to take that to another level, because it’s actually accessing the functionality of the application using, say, for example, NFC to trigger this or context awareness, but the location or otherwise, and then gives you the ability to use those things. The example they gave was renting bicycles, or scooters or that kind of thing, where you have a little NFC chip in the in the scooter or whatever you’re trying to rent, you put your phone over it, it’s connected to Apple Pay, it automatically pulls up the app clip, you’re capable of purchasing through it, and then you go, that’s really powerful when you think about it, and it’s on the fly, just downloading these individual pieces of the app in order to make things happen. It’s it does require Apple Pay. So that’s one way that they’re gonna, you know, require the ecosystem of developers to stay and use Apple Pay and therefore make some money there. But I think for the functionality for the benefit to the user, It really seems like a seamless transaction. And I love it. Because I don’t want to have to install all of these apps, I’d love to be able to install things as I need them. And then for them to go away, and never have to worry about it right. And the other thing I like about that is that sometimes you’re on places where signal is not great. So you need to download a whole app. And that takes, you know, a lot of time. The The other thing they show with that that I’m looking at my comments in here is they’re going did create a QR code, basically secure code that they’re going to put on these things where you can access these apps and I have seen many QR codes. And this is the first time that I see a QR code that is pretty, you know, and I was really like, Well, you know, these people are really so incredible at marketing that they can make a QR code pretty. Let’s make our way forward into iPad OS, which in my opinion, is just seemingly becoming more like Mac OS in in their news. So let’s talk about some of the things that they have brought to the fore. First of and foremost is search search to me and you can correct me if I’m wrong and Cousteau but it really looks a lot like spotlight on Mac OS

I think spotlight is something that is really powerful on Mac OS and I think they took what they have learned out of that and bring it into the into the iPad and what is interesting is this is the first time that I see iPad OS or that or the or the iPad, you know, platform to being give an appearance a lot more or a more permanent place than than the Mac OS that that was a really interesting and I will discuss more about that when we cover the Mac but on the things they bring, they bring, you know drag and drop more standard that is going to be awesome on the iPad. It works really well today and the split screen helps but they are even make it that more powerful. That way As we talk on to the iOS are coming. And I think even if they if they are going to be incredibly fun on the phone on the iPad, they’re going to be really, really outstanding. Obviously the compact Siri experiences coming there is something that has annoyed me for ever. And it’s I am connected to my iPhone, I’m doing a zoom call or I’m doing something and then my phone rings. And yes, I love the fact that it rings everywhere. But then he took the whole screen disconnected from everything finally they are going to make it work certification is going to come down and you can decide bacon and then be interrupted or not. It’s been one of the things that it’s bothersome for me because it creates an interruption to what I’m doing. I’m not having any issue is coming the little notification. But I don’t want you to take over my device and decide for me that this is more important than what I’m doing. So I think this is an incredible step in in the right direction for iPad OS. The next thing that they mentioned was They call a scribble and handwriting they’re trying to take handwriting to the next level today, you can serve them applications good notes with one of those, you can use handwriting and converted into text. But it require a third party app, what I’m what they’re trying to do is to allows you to use the pencil a lot more, and being able to handwrite and let the iPad on device converted into text and send it and I think that’s going to be amazing hand drawing shapes date now you can select the text and turn into objects to move things around. So they really hands down into what the Apple Pencil can do. And I think that’s going to really, really awesome. I am just really excited to see that they’re adding multilingual handwriting detection and transcription. I think that is just going to be so so powerful and giving that natively to the operating system and paying it forward to developers. So you know, Evernote folks, if you’re listening, really Inc notes needs to take advantage of this. As soon as it’s available. I mean, it’s just so powerful. Think about how you can just take a note and Evernote right now with an ink note, if you draw a square, you can have it snap into place and fix your drawing, draw a circle, it’ll snap and make a circle. Good, good first step, you know, first round. But now to be able to just have all of these spaces where you can highlight data, it automatically knows that it should be a table and then creates a typable table for you copying handwritten text and then copying and pasting it into other fields as typable tech, just that kind of detection and understanding on the OS level is going to be so so powerful. This is probably the most powerful feature I saw today on the stage. I’m very, very excited about this. I agree with you as a fan of the pencil and what I can do and the power of notes on the iPad. I think that’s going to take the iPad to another level. The fact that there there are features, you know, there there is a there’s a product coming out called a remarkable two great product. They’re using the E ink technology. But this is scribble with the feature that is already on iOS 13 and will be on iOS 14 of turn your iPad into a black and white that looks like ink, it’s going to make that really out of this world comparison wise, having the whole iOS power with, with that really strong capability for handwriting. So I’m really, really excited about it. And with the remarkable two, you’re locked into this siloed ecosystem, whereas here you have all of the apple ecosystem already at your fingertips. So I see I see this being a huge challenger to the platform and I’ve been fairly, you know, bearish on the remarkable platforms except for the fact that it was this beautiful writing experience. But now you take the paper like which is which is a screen cover for your your iPads, and you take something like this Writing scribble technology, and you basically have that experience

was an incredible additional power. Yeah,

yeah, I think this is going to be a huge challenger to that platform. All right, onward and upward to air pods. Pun intended. So the airport’s bring out automatic switching. That is one thing that is annoying. Yes, you could do it before when you go settings change. Now they’re saying that he’s going to be able to change depending on which device you’re using and your iPads will that’s really cool. But more importantly, that was not the most news. important news on airports pro are gaining what they call a spatial audio, what I my understanding was was it is like surround sound, and actually can do Dolby for the airports. And that sounds incredible. I mean, even more powerful than just surround sound is that it actually has fixed point analysis so that it’s able to use the accelerometer both on the air pods but also on your iPad, to understand where the both of you are you and the device. And if you move your head, then the surround sound knows the fixed point, which is the iPad, and the sound stays relative to the, to the screen, so that you actually hear the sound in the right places. And you stay as the, as the person speaking said, You stay at the center of the action. And so you know, it knows if you move the iPad then then obviously, the center of sound is going to move. That is some really, really fancy algorithms, you know, working with the accelerometer. Very, very exciting. Yeah, that was incredible. So that’s, that’s our puts. And then the next thing we have is watch OS. So one of the things they came now you’re going to be able to enable multiple complications at one time. And the complications are that little thing that you can add to the screen. I don’t think it’s a great name, but now you’re going to be able to add to make to to make your watch way more complicated, but that’s good. In this case, only time, apparently getting more complicated is going to be good. The other thing they add was face sharing. I know you have seen in a lot of forum and Twitter, and I saw people say no share your eye, you know your your watch face and what you have on your watch. Now you will be able to get them from the Apple store or a website or send it to somebody via text and share exactly what you create. So that’s going to be an interesting game for a lot of people, especially when you’re curious to what other people you know is doing and what can be useful for you. Yeah, they’re also adding maps on Apple Watch to have cycling directions. So again, going back to Apple Maps on iOS, now they’re giving cycling directions directly on maps for watch OS, and that is going to be really great. And that also allows you to understand when you’re going to need to dismount and walk a bike or you stairs. And I think that’s going to be really powerful as well. Because I know as someone who cycles, I’m always curious about what the various terrain is going to look like for me. Same thing with running, you know, bad knees. And as a runner, I want to make sure that I pay attention to, to all the various, you know, terrain that I’m going to be going through at any given time. And cycling the same thing. I want to know where the hills are, where I’m going to have to dismount what stairs I’m going to have to climb. And so that’s going to be a really great feature for folks on watch us. Yeah. And one of the things they announce is that your watch will show you the the outage that you are going to have fun you will be able to plan a route and see the altitude and say, Now let me change and let me take instead this route. So that’s going to be really, really powerful. The next few things on my list are they add a dance work out and I’m guessing for Suba and those things so people can qualify it in a better way and activity. is now renamed fitness,

which should have been its name that should have been its name. So begin with

a one. I agree with you. But the next news, we’re more interested in sleep, you know, there has been people trying to get their Apple Watch to be the device attractor asleep and there are many great apps that do that. And now with adding the sleep really, as a health device, the Apple Watch turned to be an incredible thing. The Apple Watch is a better medical device, a really powerful medical device that can track your heart 24 seven for older people he can track if they fail or don’t fail and call emergency services. Now you will you know, you can track the activities if you are moving, not moving even has that brief application that when it raised that your heart It’s it’s going faster it comes to you and tell you hate breathe, calm down. That is a really awesome feature. And now on top of that, you will We’ll be able to know under machine learning we’ll work into help you, what do you need to wind down? Are you one of those people like me who, as soon as the head is on the pillow is out, or you’re the people who require longer and the machine learning will allow you to calibrate that and help that. So the issue obviously is now I need this thing to last more than one day, because I don’t know what I’m going to charge it. But hey, that’s, you know, little detail. So that I think is really innovative. And I think it’s going to be powerful for people to be able to see all of that data together, and to be able to make better health decisions. But more importantly, is apples ability. You’ve got the phone and you’ve got the watch on you all the time, being able to give these behavioral interventions to help people live healthier lives. I’m sorry, but you know, like the health insurance environment hasn’t helped us be healthier. So now hopefully technology can can do that for us and be the preventative and wellness care that we actually need to be you know, more productive And healthier beings generally. Finally, with watch OS, we have this minor but important feature considering our time, which is the ability to auto detect that you’re washing your hands. And as I understand it, it then puts on a timer that looks like little bubble numbers, the bubble digits and helps to count down so that you wash your hands for the appropriate length of time while you’re doing it. So that way, you know, hopefully you don’t do like my kids that you tell them that they need to sing a song they have come, you know, soon they the song originally, we told them that when they need to sing Happy Birthday every time they wash their hands. And soon that song will be HB and you need to send them back. The idea is that he will track the 20 seconds. So you really wash your hands thoroughly and it’s going to be really, really good. All right, moving on to two apples. Next step is that they they took the time to talk about privacy. Before they got into talking about TV, OS, Mac OS, and otherwise, they really focused in on their privacy principles. And they talked about four specific privacy principles. And I couldn’t help but write them down as they were discussing them. And so these are the four principles. They talked about data minimization, not collecting information they need they don’t need on device intelligence. Basically, information that you’re using on your device can stay on your device security protections, so that you can continue to have all of the various cybersecurity needs for a device that’s as important as your phone or computer or whatever device. And then finally, transparency and control knowing what data is being collected about you and being able to control through preferences, what data is being communicated outside the boundaries of your devices, and I thought they did a really good job again, they’re very good at marketing. As you’ve noted, Cousteau They did a really good job of really focusing in on the privacy principles that Apple is purporting to run their company by, you know, and they show that they’re going to start adding into the apps. So before you even download an app, it will tell you what kind of information this app share, or don’t share. I think that’s really awesome. They’re also going Now by default, if any app is record you you’re going to get immediately an indicator that the app is recording you. And I think those things are really, really powerful and really, really good. Moving on to TLS. So Apple TV, and their TV plus platform. What did they announce? Well, they announced a couple of things. One is for the apple arcade, you’re finally going to be able to have multi user

on the apple arcade right now if you have Apple arcade, you need to and you get the device or you give the device to the your kids, they play with your user. That’s fun. Now, I know you’re going to be able to, to do that. Also, they are going to support the Xbox elite to an Xbox adaptive controllers. They’re adding pictures and pictures. So you will be able now to look at your exercise video while you watch the news at the same time in the same Apple TV, that’s going to be cool. And finally, Apple TV plus is coming with Sony and Vizio smart TVs sometime next year. That is really really interesting because it’s the first time that Apple is doing this without the device as far as I’m concerned. I think they try it once before but I’m not sure doing clued you know the Apple TV in a device that is not an Apple device. It’s gonna be really interesting to see how Apple relinquishes control to an a third party for Apple TVs. It’s necessary. I mean, you know, you have Google baked into so many devices because Android is just openly available and it’s Made casting from Android devices. Very simple and very cool. I mean, just today, you know, being able to take my phone and cast it to my screen, and to be able to open up email and start typing, you know, I’ve, I have a keyboard for my television. And it’s just really easy. And and that didn’t require internet, there’s required my Wi Fi network. And it just really makes it simple. So I’m hoping that more of this comes to Apple TV to give extensibility for end integration capabilities. For those of us who are cross platform, I have every kind of platform I have every type of OS sitting in front of me at all times. And I want to be able to use those devices fully. And I hope that Apple TV gives me some of that. Alright, moving on to Mac OS and some big news with Mac OS. Well, of course, the laugh of the day has been the name so big sore people has been laughing about the name so there was for the last years. I don’t remember I think was justified where we start but, but what is interesting to see is how much of the iOS design is coming to this version of Mac OS, aside of the fact as you mentioned earlier in the show that this search box is coming from the old Michael s, okay, from a spotlight, a lot of things from iPad OS are making it to the Mac OS and I, and I wonder if this is the first time I see that the iOS, the iPad, and the iOS, the iPad OS really took over the dekstop. And understand, you know how powerful that is. So they talk about that they talk about how the eye message will match iOS completely. The new search that again, will match with what they did on iOS, you are going to be able to do emoji stickers that you could not do on the current version of that you are going to be able to do message effects. It’s really annoying. When you get the message in the back, and you want to celebrate with something, and then you need to look for your phone, or the iPad, you can do that. Finally, you will be able to do that, as they introduce on the iOS pin conversations, you will be able to do that on the map of date will also cover that. So all that was interesting, and later on, they announced that you will be able to stall for the first time iOS apps into the Mac. So you’re really creating a convergence between the two things and making is really are given really a chance of universal but before we covered that part. The other thing that they did was the changes they discussed was the changes to Safari. And last year they did fantastic leap with iOS 13 and Safari on the iPad really given them a dekstop while the browser for the iPad, and I think what they did was immaculate was really taken it three step level, but you know, not only is faster but the more important things privacy extensions, native translation, you know, use the five he comes to organize your tabs for the people who use multiple tabs. So it was really, really a full Mac OS but really more of let’s take everything that we have or people love about the iOS and bring it finally to the Mac.

You know, the one one thing that I noted about Mac OS was that with Big Sur, Big Sur, of course is the coastal area of California. And now they’ve they’ve named the operating system after it this version of the operating system. But the the design itself is awfully flat and very Material Design ish pulling off of Google’s material design principles that they developed. The idea here is that they’re really trying to bring together this cohesive design language, across the ecosystem of all of their OSS I’m a big free open source software advocate. So it’s not like I’m a huge advocate of having a closed ecosystem or a proprietary ecosystem, but they’ve really done it beautifully. And just looking at the, the glimpses of the designs of their icons, and so on so forth. They’ve done a really beautiful job with that design language. And I have to give them hats off for that. And also from the productivity point of view, having that invisible move from device to device, it’s really a powerful thing. You know, when I move, I can grab my phone, my iPads, and is the same now I will be able to grab my phone, my iPad on my Mac, and see the same that is going to be really, really, really, really powerful and is going to really make people on that ecosystem more productive. You know, same as what you can do on the chromium. You know that you can go from the Google phone to the tablet to the to the Chromebook and have exactly the same thing that is really, really powerful. And I think that’s one thing that is going to make Mac’s even more product better for productivity than they were before. Absolutely. And that takes us to drumroll. The big news of the keynote. This was a time I will have laws that they use the one more thing in honor of the latest Steve Jobs, but they instead call it differently but Apple is leaving Intel and is going to finally have their own silicon, Apple silicon. They have been playing with silicon since second or third iPhone and the iPad and really, the iPad Pro are so powerful the silicon that it makes completely sense. They also for the nostalgic people who have been on Apple for a while, you know when they move from power PC to Intel, they did two things they called it the applications the unit applications because they were able to work on for power PC and Intel and now they are announced universal two. There is really no style you can call and also there was a engine called Rosetta. That was what allows you to run two things one way or the other. And now they announced obviously, Rosetta to that no from the nostalgic point of view was really awesome. One more recent they should have used one more. But the cool thing about all this is they already said that from day one. If you buy one of these new machines with the apple silicon you will not need to worry everything will work including the apple things and everything. They are looking to do this on a very expedited basis. It seems like within a year to 24 months they’re gonna have everything working cross old Intel to the new platform which they’re calling Apple silicon. And this is this is it. This is the future of apple in essence now building their own chips for all Have the products. And this is going to be very, very interesting to watch how they now have the ability to increase output, while still minimizing power consumption and, and performance of those chips, which includes heat dissipation and distribution, as well as all of the other functions that allow for these chips to work with all of the other parts involved in the secure enclave, the neural engine, so on so forth, I mean, they have all of these pieces that are working together inside of the devices. And now with the chip being under their control, they’re really going to be able to do some powerful stuff there. Yeah, they’re given to the some of the developers on whatever level of developer you need to be. What they are called the developer transition kit is basically a Mac Mini with an 812 c 16 gigabytes of memory 512 SSD, and obviously, big sore developer Veta to for you to play and and install an older fantastic so there was some other Other news after the WWDC special keynote presentation, and they talked about some other things and news. And so we want to cover them today. Agusta, what else did you learn in your research?

This, this audio doesn’t allow us to throw confetti and emotion to this, but iOS 14 will let users set third party browser on mail apps as default. I don’t care about their mail app, I use mail dot app, but I love the idea that I will be able to set up the full something else so that way I can keep looking at chrome when i when i open things and I’m working. I have said I have said that you should have used two different browsers one for work one for play. Safari is my plain browser. And Chrome is my working I would love to be able to set up a default on my working iPad. So everything that I opened in there goes there instead of Safari, so I’m really really, really excited about that. Oh man. You have no idea how this excites me and And especially for my clients who have this ongoing problem, they have different applications they’re required to use in enterprise. And so then they’re forced to have to make that manual choice every time, they have to do things and think about the loss of productivity, when you have to think about your default app in your head, as opposed to the default app that Apple is forcing you to be able to use. The other part is I think this is gonna be really slick for those of us who do use multiple browsers to say in, say, shortcuts at 9am, change my default browser to Chrome, because that’s my work browser at 6pm or 5pm, whatever, turn it off and move it over to Safari because now I’m in party time. You know, this is now play time, personal time and giving you that understanding of the system. I think that’s going to be a huge, huge power of case for your productivity, being able to just switch back and forth between which default apps you can, you can use Apple early last late early last year. They They leak some information. And I think that they call air tags. And their tags are basically tokens that you can put on your devices and track them. And when that happened, there’s really a lot of discussion and conversation about Apple playing or not playing fair title was one of them. And title is a big monster on on these tracking devices. So for folks who don’t know, tile is the company that produces the little chip tiles that you can attach to physical devices. And then you can track where those things are based on the location app on your phone, Android, iOS, and otherwise. Yeah, I mean, I need these awesome. I mean, my we had it, my wife has his keys, tied to one and other things. So it’s really, really awesome. But Apple announced today that they’re fine my app that they have where you can track your iOS devices and everything else will now start support third party products on access. So what is exciting about this is not only tile will be able to go there but that will open rate An incredible universe of things that you can track all in one place right now, it’s annoying that if you have different brands of those you need to go to four places to do is the same issue with the homekit case you want, then you need to register on the App of the developer and then that it will integrate on homekit. So the more Apple allows to play with one thing instead of 20, the better is going to be and they announced some really good stuff about device compatibility for Big Sur being available across its devices. What did you learn about device compatibility,

so on the iOS side, the devices they they did something quite interesting. They still are going to support iPhone six s and six s plus that’s a really old device by now. So that’s an exciting thing. Basically, almost any device will have will know anything all going six assets use x plus going up will be On the iPod Touch side the iPod Touch seven generations. So the SE seven seven plus eight eight plus x x r x s x S max and then the 11 and 11, the 11 Pro Mac. So, really it’s awesome that Apple now that they’re allowing the users to give those features much, much longer on their devices, and as well on the iPad, and I was surprised by this iPad Mini for iPad Mini iPad Mini four is what surprised me because an old iPad by now, but they still are going to do it iPad Air to it’s going to be the lowest on the iPad Air. Again. It’s an old machine by now. And it’s really really cool to see Apple not forcing the users to or trying to give the users a longer life with their device so users don’t feel what we used to feel in the late 90s with other companies used to upgrade The new operating system is coming I need to buy a new machine. So that’s really, really awesome. On the big source side MacBooks 2015 or later MacBook Airs 2013 or early. We’re talking about a seven year machine that 2013 or later or later that’s that’s what I mean. Okay, and it is interesting because people complain often how expensive the laptops of Apple are. But think about this. It’s seven years of having the latest of the technology that’s, you know, interesting. MacBook Pros 2013 Mac minis, 2014, iMac 2014 iMac pros, all models, Mac Pro’s 2013 and later, and for the watch OS, it’s going to cover the Apple Watch Series three, series four, series five, and one can only assume series six when he gets that out. We also have a bunch of links of the official announcements that Apple did today’s Do you want to read it You know, older, older stuff, but this was the event and they after event, fantastic. I think that Apple did a really great job. I think that there was some oddness about it being a pre recorded scripted event, you know, you could see people reading the teleprompter at times, and so on, so forth. But really, it’s all about the substance of what Apple is doing at WWDC. And I feel like they put out a really great product in terms of putting out announcements, I’ve heard some criticism about the fact that they hold up the development because they wait for this time of year in order to release these big announcements. But to be quite honest, they do it and they put it out and their products work. And for people who are really working hard to create such a seamless ecosystem. I was actually really impressed, watching WWDC this year and seeing the products that they’re putting out and the at least in the areas where they’re truly innovating, really doing some fun things. So with that, if you Want to you can follow us on social media, you can leave us a review in your favorite podcast app. Feel free to let us know if there’s something we missed about WWDC that you want to contribute. You can go to anything but idle comm go to the contact page. You can also tweet or dm us on Twitter at anything but idle. And thanks for listening. Thanks for joining us here for anything but idle, the productivity news podcast for this special episode about Apple’s WWDC 2020 until next time, here’s to your productive life.


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