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In this Cast | A New Version of Outlook

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | A New Version of Outlook

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World’s largest test of four-day work week begins in U.K.

No need to be online: Is Asynchronous work the key to productivity? | PS News

How to Choose the Ideal Number of Work Hours

If we’re so busy, why isn’t anything getting done? | McKinsey

Action is Everything — Joseph Wells – 

There Is No Blueprint For Grief

7 Simple Steps to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

How to Successfully Balance a Full-Time Job and a Side Hustle Without Burnout

iPhone and iPad users can now download Google TV from the Appstore

PWAs on a Chromebook may soon support multiple in-app tabs

Google Drive Revolutionized With Copy/Paste Function

Google Drive will now show you your files location at a glance

Chrome 102 has arrived check out whats new and improved

ChromeOS 102 arrives with better note-taking, accessibility improvements and more

Things You Never Knew Your Chromebook Could Do

You need to try Bionic Reading on the Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble introduces a cheap e-reader to compete with the Kindle

Google is combining Meet and Duo into a single app for voice and video calls – The Verge

Google Chat adds warning banners to protect against phishing attacks

How YouTube built a better way to connect your TV and phone

Business & Finance Segment

The Worldwide Personal Development Industry is Expected to Reach $67 Billion by 2030 – ResearchAndMarkets.com | Business Wire

Featured Story of the Week

Heres how Microsofts new One Outlook email app will work

Other News

WWDC 2022 – Sketchnote Summary 🎨

Apple in talks to buy EA gaming, Disney and Amazon also potential suitors 

Google Assistant is finally available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

What are commitment contract tools? Beeminder and stickK let people put money on the line and pay up if they fail to complete their goals. – Protocol – 

You’re taking a big chance running macOS or iOS betas on your production hardware

Onyx Boox Nova Air C review: color E Ink on an ambitious tablet

Apple will allow Linux VMs to run Intel apps with Rosetta in macOS Ventura

Do you use a case to protect your e-reader?

Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss’ Absurd Productivity Expectations – Memebase – Funny Memes

Good e-Reader Radio  Send to Kindle EPUB Old Kindles drop support for buying books new e-readers

Everything you need to know about the Kindle losing Store Access

First Look at the iReader Ocean 2

Android Central: Google Assistant is losing some features that you may have never used

How to Make Remote Collaboration Work for You | PCMag

PWAs on a Chromebook may soon support multiple in-app tabs

What Is Bossware? Is It Tracking You At Home?

The Top 5 Apps for Making Presentations at Work

How to Take Control of Your Life When Life Feels Hard

Time Blocking 101: How to Actually Master your To-Do List

12 Powerful Self-Affirmation Tools to Boost Your Motivation Daily

Employee burnout: The financial impact to businesses and how to tackle it

Jason Goldsmith talks about Take Charge of You: How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career

Brain Food: Negotiating with Yourself

The Verge: LastPass’ mobile app offers access to your desktop vault without a master password

7 Productivity and Positivity Journals That You Can Start This Summer

New Acer Chromebooks

Acer Chromebook Spin 714 hands-on first impressions [VIDEO]

The new Acer Chromebook Spin 513 is now available for purchase

11 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t

How to Add Musical Notations to a Google Doc

Texas Parents suing Apple over claim their son suffered permanent hearing loss

Search with Google Lens in Chromes side panel without needing to leave the tab youre on

Hisense Hi Reader Hands on Review

DEVONagent a smart web (re)search assistant for the Mac

iFixit Leaks Steam Deck Repair Inventory. Nearly Everythings User Replaceable

Palm Reading launches Smart 3 e-note in moon white color option

Microsoft Is Axing Three Excel Features Because Nobody Uses Them

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