How Art Impacts Your Personal Productivity

It’s been said that Productivity is a form of Art, so we’re going to chat a bit about art, productivity and being productive, then on to the productivity and technology news of the week. This week’s featured story covers T-Mobile big 5G Home announcement.

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In this Cast | How Art Impacts Your Personal Productivity

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | How Art Impacts Your Personal Productivity

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13 Ways to Be A More Productive Artist

iOS 14.5 Adds New Siri Voices, No Longer Defaults to Female 

Todoist have updated their plans, and renamed Premium to Pro 

Apple’s Find My network now offers new third-party finding experiences 

Day One Journal Text Messaging via SMS | Day One

Samsung launches ‘iTest,’ a new web app for turning your iPhone into a Galaxy device 

All-New NOOK 2021 Lenovo Tablet Unboxing

Google is quickly working to integrate Neverware CloudReady into Chrome OS 90

7 Exciting New Features Coming in Chrome 90 

Chromebook Files app adds an option to prevent synchronization over mobile data

How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home [VIDEO]

The post-pandemic world: 34% of remote workers say they’d rather quit than return to full-time office work

How to Beat Procrastination – Harvard Business Review 

NY Times: We have all hit a Wall

TechCrunch: Note-taking app Mem raises $5.6 million from Andreessen Horowitz

The Guardian: The evidence is in: working from home is a failed experiment

New Tools of the Week




T-Mobile officially debuts 5G home internet with no data cap or contract from $60/month – 9to5Mac

T-Mobile launches wireless home internet (The Verge)


CNBC: Supreme Court rules in Google’s favor in copyright dispute with Oracle over Android software

How to Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook

Cisco Webex Updates Put People Over Productivity – SDxCentral

WhatsApp begins testing chat migration between iOS and Android

Woven is shutting down on May 28, 2021

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