Android-Powered Microsoft Surface Duo Is on Sale, and Other

Android-Powered Microsoft Surface Duo goes on pre-sale, and other personal productivity and technology news this week!

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In this Cast

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Android-Powered Microsoft Surface Duo Is on Sale, and Other

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Facebook to Continue WFH Until July 2021 

Atlassian tells employees they can work from home forever 

Mozilla lays off 250 employees due to the pandemic 


Fantastical Launches New Premium Subscription for Families 

Apple Seeds First Public Beta of watchOS 7 to Public Beta Testers 

Apple releases iOS 13.6.1 and iPadOS 13.6.1 for all users 

Google Maps is getting a big upgrade on Apple CarPlay and Apple Watch 


Inside Notion’s global expansion plan

NeuralCam Live uses ML to turn iPhones into ‘smart’ computer webcams 

Dropbox Launches Password Manager, File Vault, and More Across iPhone and Mac 


Fossil smartwatch health update coming to Gen 5 models

Android 11 autofill gets better with keyboard input

Google turns Android phones into an earthquake detection network 

Google’s Bedtime wellness feature is no longer a Pixel exclusive 

TOOL 1 (Ray)

Powerful Email Signature Generator for Teams – 

TOOL 2 (Augusto)

Setapp Mac App Subscription Service Expands to iOS 

Setapp Now Includes iOS Apps – The Sweet Setup 


You can pre-order Microsoft’s Surface Duo foldable phone today 

Microsoft Surface Duo Phone Goes on Sale Starting at $1,399 


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X arrives in November 

Google delays shutdown of support for native Chrome apps 

Radical Acceptance as a Tool for Change 

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity: 43 Tips to Be More Efficient, More Effective (and a Lot Happier) 

E Ink demos a folding e-reader that can also take notes 

Raw Text Transcript | Android-Powered Microsoft Surface Duo Is on Sale, and Other

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