Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app  Journal

Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app  Journal and the Productivity News This Week

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In this Cast | Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app  Journal

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app  Journal

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Snakes and Ladders

How Managers Can Use Time Tracking Data to Improve Their Teams Productivity

Clearing Out Mental Clutter

We’ve added a customizable swipe action on mobile that’ll make Spring cleaning your to-dos even easier 🧹. Select complete, schedule, and now…delete 👋!

Apples newest subscription service is an IT management package for small businesses

Youll soon be able to use Google Meet directly in Docs Sheets and Slides for face-to-face editing

Google delays when legacy G Suite users have to pay – 9to5Google

Productivity Resource of the Week



GoodNotes is free to try on the App Store! Your first 3 notebooks in GoodNotes are now free. 

Featured Story of the Week

Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app Journal graduates from a Garage project into a fully supported app – The Verge

Microsoft Journal

Microsoft Journal Blog Post


Apple officially announces all-online WWDC 2022 for June 6; iOS 16 and more expected 

Some Chromebook cameras not working after a recent Chrome OS update (Updated)

Other News

Galaxy Z Fold 4’s fingerprint sensor won’t be under the display 

New Google Docs feature lets you provide feedback in an entirely different way

Emoji Reactions coming to Google Docs on the web

Google is adding a privacy settings walkthrough to Chrome

Google Maps will start estimating tolls and display more details to help you find your way

Microsoft will let IT admins send Windows 11 desktop or taskbar messages

Podcast: How to define productivity

Huawei MatePad Straddles E-Reader and Tablet Line: Is Being Half One Thing and Half the Other Viable?

Google Chat takes after Discord and adds inline discussion threads

Google Docs to get Grammarly-like features in selected Workspace and EDU tiers

Raw Text Transcript | Microsoft’s pen-first notetaking app  Journal

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