Apple Releases Universal Control

Apple Releases Universal Control and the Productivity News This Week

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In this Cast | Apple Releases Universal Control

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Apple Releases Universal Control

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

This CEO’s Remote Work Policy Is Only 10 Words. It May Be the Best I’ve Ever Heard

Why Am I Too Tired To Sleep (And What To Do)?

Ambition is Overrated. Slow productivity isn’t enough. It’s… | by Karla Starr | Feb, 2022 | Forge

How two years of working from home changed workers around the world

Two years later, remote work has changed millions of careers

Google Docs update lets you draft emails and send them to Gmail with a click

Create externally friendly booking pages with appointment scheduling in Google Calendar 

Microsoft updates Outlook Teams and PowerPoint to be hybrid work ready

Why the iPad Pro Isn’t Worth the Extra Money

Kobo Libra 2 e-reader on sale in the United States

Amazon opens first Whole Foods equipped with cashierless technology

FDA clears the first iPhone app for delivering insulin, rollout starts this spring 

Business & Finance Segment

In Q4 2021 Apple led the Wearable Device Market beating out Second Place Xiaomi by almost 4X Shipments

Notion announces a new integration marketplace

Command E Joined Dropbox

Productivity Resource of the Week


Bomber Zip Pocket Notebook Belt

Featured Story of the Week

Universal Control is Apples most impressive new feature in years

How to use Universal Control on Mac and iPad 

Announcing Top 10 Female Experts 2022


A heartfelt farewell from Dieter Bohn

Gyroscope FREE is back

The Fair Repair Act is headed to the Senate for debate

Google I/O goes online again conference set for May 11

Todoist – Old Outlook to stop working, update to the new outlook plugin

Michael Hyatt & Company Changing Name to Full Focus 

How to Get a Second Batch of At-Home COVID Tests for Free 

Other News

How to Use Collections on Microsoft Edge

Personalization Hub adds auto light and dark wallpaper switching Google Photos more

Google DNS vs. Cloudflare DNS: What’s the Fastest DNS?

JXL (JPEG XL) is a new image file type youll see more of and Chrome support is now working too

Google Home app gets much-needed redesign with interactive buttons

Gmail on Android getting new notification icons to differentiate between Chat and Spaces

How to unofficially save and recall your Chrome Tab Groups using the built-in Bookmarks system

Zooms new virtual avatars let you show up to your next meeting as a dog

Google Photos updates its library and sharing tabs to make photos easier to find

How to keep track of friends and family members birthdays on Google Calendar

Onyx BOOX Nova Air C is a 7.8 inch color e-reader that is coming out soon

Google Docs gains Gmail draft capabilities for Workspace customers

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 141 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 

Google Wants to Turn Your Old Mac into a Chromebook With Chrome OS Flex 

Google prepares ‘ChromeOS’ rebrand to drop the space

5 Reasons to Adopt the Best Personal Productivity System 

How to Decide What to Work On

How to Promote Employee Engagement and Productivity in a Remote Setting |

Google Claims That Chrome Is Now Faster Than Safari

Google Microsoft Apple Mozilla join forces to solve browsers compatibility issues

The Verge: Google details its latest big Android feature drop

Raw Text Transcript | Apple Releases Universal Control

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