Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs

Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs, and the Productivity News This Week

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In this Cast | Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs

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This CEO Lets His Employees Work Whenever They Want—From Wherever They Want

Why the Rise in ‘Polywork’ Is a Desperate Reflection of the Job Market

Belonging Not Burnout

New! Comments: Start Distraction-Free Conversations on Shared Documents 

Google just surrendered its update authority to Samsung

Google auto-enabled 2SV for over 150M people leading to 50% decrease in compromised accounts

Pixel tablet renders  too ambitious or realistic?

Google Calendar simplifies managing tasks you never got around to

Microsoft OneDrive now available on the Remarkable

Productivity Resource of the Week



Featured Story of the Week

The Verge: Google is bringing Chrome OS to PCs and Macs.

Chrome OS Flex versus CloudReady: here are the main differences


Task Management and Time Blocking (Announcement)

Other News

Samsung S22 Ultra doubles iPhone 13 Pro RAM, Galaxy tablets now up to 14.6-inches 

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra features a familiar design and built-in S Pen 

Samsung reveals the Galaxy S22 and S22+: Improved cameras and more durable designs 

Apple Announces ‘Tap to Pay’ Feature That Will Allow iPhones To Accept Contactless Payments 

Apple: ‘An Update on AirTag and Unwanted Tracking’ 

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 140 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 

The iPad can learn from Samsung

Google to Curtail Cross-App Tracking on Android Phones

Keeping you safe online with Google and beyond

What fruit are you? By DebLee

Apple Announces ‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhone, With No Extra Hardware for Reading Cards 

Fantasticals new update focuses on making scheduling easier

Samsungs Galaxy Watch 4 will track your sleep with cartoon animals

Pocketbook Basic Lux 3 e-reader Review

How does the new Kobo Sideload system work?

How to Make Extremely Elaborate To-Do Lists in Google Sheets

Google is closing one of its least-loved Workspace apps | TechRadar

Update Zoom for macOS to fix the mic indicator bug

Fast Company: Google Workspace adds pageless view, Maps, and Gmail drafts

Chrome Unboxed: Google Docs adds Summaries and Pageless formatting features

Google Drive’s new filters that make search easier are rolling out to everyone – The Verge

YouTube Music for Android gains convenient Downloads app shortcut

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