Google Wants Apple iMessage to Play Nice

Google gives up on beating iMessage now it wants Apple to join Android and the Productivity News This Week.

You will hear on the audio that we refer to episode 093, but this is episode 094. It was a typo on the Show’s Agenda.

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In this Cast | Google gives up on beating iMessage now it wants Apple to join Android

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Google gives up on beating iMessage now it wants Apple to join Android

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

The Right and Wrong Way to Journal

The (102)5 Method Will Help You Get More Done in a Day

Breaking the Cycle of Burnout in the Workplace

What Is the Link between Exercise and Productivity?

A Quick Guide to Planning Your Year

Block Those Notifications or How to Better Protect Your Attention Span

LastPass appears to be holding users’ passwords hostage alongside more expensive pricing plans

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Report: Google Pays new focus is becoming a comprehensive digital wallet

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22538 with Voice Access updates and lots of fixes

What Is Google TasksBoard? How to Use It

Dropbox Releases Apple Silicon Version of Its App to Beta Testers

Business & Finance Segment

1Password Unlocks $620M Round, Reaches $6.8B Valuation – Crunchbase News

1Password continues strong enterprise push, raises new investment at $6.8 billion valuation 

Productivity Resource of the Week

Note Yourself

A note-taking app that works like iMessage shouldn’t work, but it does

Eagle Creek PAC it – Pouches

Featured Story of the Week

Google gives up on beating iMessage now it wants Apple to join Android

Google is wrong. Apples iMessage is actually a failure

Google Exec Pushing RCS Adoption Says He’s ‘Not Asking Apple to Make iMessage Available on Android’ 


G Suite Legacy Free Edition users are being required to upgrade to Workspace in July

Other News

Apple loses second key chip engineer this time to Microsoft

iOS 15.2.1 is released with critical HomeKit security fix

macOS 12 Monterey: New Public Beta has been released heres how to get it

OWC miniStack STX review: External storage and a Thunderbolt hub under your Mac mini

How to Track Your Sleep With Google Nest Hub: Sleep Sensing Explained

Chrome 98 Beta adds desktop screenshots improvements to PWAs and more

Chrome OS 97 is rolling out beginning the new 4-week update cycle for Chromebooks

Microsoft makes updated Notepad and Media Player available to more Windows 11 users

Android Auto will get Lyft integration and let you watch Youtube while parked

Fossil promises Alexa is coming to its smartwatches soon

New Year’s Resolutions Are Notoriously Slippery but Science Can Help You Keep Them

Echo 2 Smartpen – Livescribe Smartpen – Livescribe Inc. (US)

Workspace Organizer ‘Rambox 2.0’ Launches with a Revamped UI and New Features – It’s FOSS News

Google is preparing a new Chromecast device powered by Google TV

How to look your best on a video call

The Case for Writing Longhand: ‘It’s About Trying to Create That Little Space of Freedom’

Microsoft Releases Office for Mac Update With Full Apple Silicon Support in Excel 

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 138 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 

The Science of Achievement: 7 Research-Backed Tips to Set Better Goals

A Simple Way to Track your Habits: The Martin System

What Is a Time Audit and Why Is It Important?

The Day Is the Only Unit of Time That Excites Me

How Your Brain Shuts Down When You Focus on Your Future Self

7 Most Effective Methods of Time Management to Boost Productivity

How To Take A Break or Rest Without Feeling Guilty

7 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work

The Time Trap of Productivity

Harlequin Plus is a new ebook and print subscription service

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