Evernote Tasks and Moving Productively

This week, Augusto Pinaud and Ray Sidney-Smith discuss their tips on how to move more productively, Tasks in Evernote arrives for everyone in Early Access, and more productivity and technology news this week. Enjoy!

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In this Cast | Evernote Tasks and Moving Productively

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Art Gelwicks

Art Gelwicks, a productivity and collaboration consultant, blogger at theideapump.com, and host of the Being Productive podcast as well as ProductivityCast Podcast.

Headlines & Show Notes | Evernote Tasks and Moving Productively

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

How To Declutter When You Move 

Chrome OS may be going back to a smaller app launcher design that resembles the origina

Google Messages integration on your Chromebook just got a new namel

The upcoming ASUS Chromebook CX9 will feature an industry first for Chrome OS

Amazon Echo Security Features for When You Leave Home

Hands on Review of the Smartbook V5 Color e-note

Gmail for Android iOS now lets you quickly change your Google profile picture

“Software is eating the world, and cars are next on the menu.” 

Mobile Technology and Home Broadband 2021 

  1. 15% of US adults are now mobile-only internet users – Pew Research 

Why Emotionally Intelligent Minds Embrace the Rule of ‘Writing in Reverse’ | Inc.com

Use These New Google Calendar Features to Optimize Your Remote Work Hours

Can a no meeting policy work for you? | HR Morning

New Tools of the Week

Augusto and I come across many personal productivity tools and services each week. In this segment, New Tools of the Week, we each bring you a tool we think you might like.

Featured Story of the Week

Evernote launches Tasks feature on iOS and Mac to help boost your productivity 

Evernote Mac and Windows Video


Anything but Idle 064: Commenting on WWDC with Michael Sliwinski at 12 noon on June 8.

What can I gain with Jeff Siegel and Augusto Pinaud on Personal Productivity Club

Asana Focus and Flow Summit – June 9th 2021

Microsoft to unveil redesigned Windows 10 later this month – The software giant today announced that it would be taking the wraps off this Windows 10 redesign at a virtual event on June 24.

Other News

Google Cemetery — Learn from Google’s 100+ biggest failures 

Nearby Share arrives as Chrome OS 91 begins rolling out

How to Find the Best Online Prices Using Microsoft Edge

For Better Video Calls — Lean Back! | by Rafi T | ILLUMINATION | Jun, 2021 | Medium

Scribd is now available on Apple Watch

Raw Text Transcript | Evernote Tasks and Moving Productively

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