The Myth of Hydration

Happy World Water Day, and in honor of that, we thought we would have a conversation about The Myth of Hydration. In addition to the productivity and technology news of the week, we covered our featured story this week, which was about the new Google Chrome Profiles experience.

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In this Cast | The Myth of Hydration

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | The Myth of Hydration

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Chromebooks Turn 10!

Google Announces Major Google Chrome Performance Improvements

Use your Chromebooks tab groups with windowed web apps to take your productivity to the next level

You can now snooze Google Calendar notifications in Chrome

PSA: Google Tasks now works in landscape mode on Chromebooks and it makes all the difference

Google links Android phones to Chromebooks with new 

How to Use Your Samsung Phone As a Desktop

Google’s new Chromebook update shows that laptops of the future are going to look more like our smartphones

Phone Hub feature – The Verge

Peloton Sessions Let You Schedule Workouts With Friends

Apple wants you to ‘follow’ podcasts rather than subscribe

Apple Releases New ‘3C39’ AirPods Max Firmware

Report: Future Apple products to use randomized serial numbers starting in ‘early 2021’

How to Make Alexa Swear

You Can Now Make Voice and Video Calls From WhatsApp for Desktop

Microsoft Edge Now Boasts Vertical Tabs and Faster Startup Times

Forget iPad Pro 2021 — Xiaomi is working on a super tablet | Tom’s Guide

New Katsu Chromebook detachable tablet expected soon

Microsoft Edge will adopt the same four-week update schedule as Google Chrome

WhatsApp exodus shines light on Microsoft’s mishandling of Skype | Windows Central

Bitwarden adds secure text and file transfer to its arsenal

Technology has turned back the clock on productivity

Email and Slack Have Locked Us in a Productivity Paradox  | WIRED

Johnny Decimals

How to manage your inbox: Try using the brilliant ‘short email’ from a web designer

Will work from home outlast virus? Ford’s move suggests yes



Chrome Profiles

  • Chrome profile: Your Chrome profile stores your browser settings, bookmarks, extensions, apps, and saved passwords. Your profile is stored in a separate folder on your computer, so if anything goes wrong with Chrome, your information is saved
  • Chrome Profile Google Support


GTD Podcast: Episode #96: Sharing GTD with Kids

Rocketbook Axis Launch 03/30/2021

Safari Technology Preview 122

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 122 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

 Samsung Awesome Event

Samsung Announces Three New Affordable Galaxy A Phones

AnythingbutIdle Episode 049

ProductivityCast Episode 4

Raw Text Transcript | The Myth of Hydration

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