Best Productivity and Technology Stories in Review for 2020

Best Productivity and Technology Stories 2020

Best Productivity and Technology Stories 2020

This is Episode 035, recorded on December 21, 2020, and we discussed the best productivity and technology stories of 2020.

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In this Cast

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is a Developer Advocate at Elastic, based in San Diego, Ca. A multipotentialite, Jay enjoys finding unique ways to merge his fascination with productivity, automation, and development to create tools and content to serve the tech community.

Headlines & Show Notes | Best Productivity and Technology Stories in Review for 2020

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

Top Stories and “Best of” Articles for 2020

Google Reveals the Most Popular Search Terms for 2020

The 32 Best Productivity Apps To Get More Done in 2020

The 15 best productivity apps of 2020

Google Design’s Best of 2020 – Library – Google Design

Apple’s five best moments of 2020 – TechRepublic

Template Round-Up: The Most Popular Trello Boards of 2020

MacStories Selects 2020: Recognizing the Best Apps of the Year – MacStories

Stories of the Week

Google Developing Own Processors for Smartphones & Chromebooks | Tom’s Hardware

Gmail will now let you edit Office documents directly from email attachments – The Verge

Google acquires CloudReady OS to make PCs Chromebooks – 9to5Google

Cydia, the original app store, sues Apple on antitrust grounds – The Washington Post

Family Sharing of In-App Purchases and Subscriptions Is Now Available – MacStories

Samsung plans to ditch power adapters just 3 months after mocking Apple over the same – 9to5Mac

Todoist launches new Google Assistant integration to make keeping up with to-do lists easier than ever

BIC: Acquisition of Rocketbook, the leading smart reusable notebook brand in the U.S.

New Tools of the Week


Momentum Dashboard

Hook Productivity


Vote for Dr. Frank Buck for Time Management Guru, Top 30, 2021

Raw Text Transcript | Best Productivity and Technology Stories in Review for 2020

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