How to Renegotiate or Recommit to Your Goals

This week, Augusto Pinaud and Ray Sidney-Smith discuss the importance of How to Renegotiate or Recommit to Your Goals. Then, they cover the productivity and technology news this week! And,how Google is going to make 2FA the default for users! Enjoy!

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In this Cast | How to Renegotiate or Recommit to Your Goals

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | How to Renegotiate or Recommit to Your Goals

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New smart-home tech alliance is ‘Matter’ ↦ 

How to Turn Your Old Samsung Phone Into a Smart Home Device 

Google Pay is adding international money transfers 

Chrome’s first major iOS update in months adds three new widgets 

Google Assistant Can Now “Broadcast” to Your Smartphone Too

It turns out Googles handwriting recognition for Chromebooks needs no network to work

Google Announces New Docking Stations Designed for Chromebooks

NYTimes: How to Power Up Your To-Do List

The workflow tweak that can skyrocket your productivity

The Seven Sins of Memory 

The Present Is Your FriendDont Resist It

Managing distributed teams: How to lead with cross-culturalempathy

Wellbeing at Work: How to Transform the Worst Part of the Day

New Tools of the Week

NextErgo Standing Desk | Electric Standing Desks | Office Desks


Why don’t they teach this in School? With Dr. Frank Buck

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Feature Story of the Week

Google Is Going to Make 2FA the Default for All Users


May 19 at 6:00pmEDT: Personal Productivity Club: Curated Calm: A relaxing Yoga Class for All Ages and Abilitieswith Matthew Glynn. For more information click here

May 20 at 7:00pm EDT: How do you make improvements in your task management if you are already a productivity nerd? Some people return to the stuff they originally learned but there’s a better way: to do an in-depth assessment of your current system…not the components, but the whole thing…all at once. That’s why I’m having a webinar on Thursday night – 7pm Eastern at Come practice your skills at making system-wide improvements in some interactive exercises. For more Information click here

May 25th at 6:00pmEDT: Personal Productivity Club: Tasks Based Collaboration in Remember the Milk and Todoist with Dr. Frank Buck and Augusto Pinaud. For more information click here

Other News

The CDC Just Approved the Pfizer Vaccine for Kids 12+ (and Everything Else You Need to Know) 

Brydge Debuts New Air MAX+ Keyboard With Trackpad for iPad Air and iPad Pro 

App for first responders has helped quadruple out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rate 

Meet the new laptops with Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake H-series chips – BGR

Samsung won’t attend MWC in Barcelona this summer 

Microsoft starts rolling out its Webinars feature in Teams

CloudReady v89.4 now available! 

New Gmail with Google Chat tabs rolling out for free accounts, here’s how to turn on [Update: iOS] 

Windows 10x Canceled. -Rumors

Original Apple retail store architect Art Gensler dies at 85

New Multi-Calendar Integration with Google and Outlook

Analytics Suggest 96% of Users Leave App Tracking Disabled in iOS 14.5 

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