Keeping Mentally Healthy to Stay Productive

This week, Augusto Pinaud and Ray Sidney-Smith discuss the importance of Keeping Mentally Healthy to Stay Productive. Then, they cover the productivity and technology news this week! And,how you can now directly view office files in Microsoft Edge! Enjoy!

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In this Cast | Keeping Mentally Healthy to Stay Productive

Ray Sidney-Smith

Augusto Pinaud

Headlines & Show Notes | Keeping Mentally Healthy to Stay Productive

Resources we mention, including links to them, will be provided here. Please listen to the episode for context.

Introducing the Elements Tool: Save and Reuse Stickers, Diagrams, and Text Across all Your Notes 

38 advanced Mac keyboard shortcuts for productivity | Popular …

Apple Watch Likely to Gain Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Blood Alcohol Monitoring 

Google Meet and Chat Will Come Preinstalled on Chrome OS Soon

New ways to save, commute and manage money with Google Pay 

Typewise wants to revolutionize smartphone keyboards, but is it actually better than Gboard?

Chromebook sales continue to surge in Q1 of 2021 up 275%

The Best Random Advice Youll Ever Receive: 29 Ideas To Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Manage Your Entire Life on One Whiteboard

The Four Levels Of Personal Productivity.

The best subscription service costs $25 a month

A New Understanding of Effort

New Tools of the Week

Priority Report with Penny Zenker

Penny Zenker is a focusologist, international speaker, business strategy coach and best-selling author. Before her 31st Birthday, Penny founded, developed and sold her first multi-million dollar business while living in Zurich, Switzerland. Later at the worlds 4th largest Market Research company, she managed business unit turnarounds and was a Tony Robbins business coach helping entrepreneurs around the world to double their businesses.

Penny’s book The Productivity Zone was an instant Amazon Best Seller and her TEDx, “The Energy of Thought”, has gained attention around the world. Her engaging, inspiring interactive talks teach people to think and act more strategically. Penny has been featured on NBC News, Forbes, Inc, ESPN, and Wharton Business Radio among others.

Featured Story of the Week


Other News

Raw Text Transcript | Keeping Mentally Healthy to Stay Productive

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